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March 21, 2017

Because your IT systems are vulnerable around the clock, you need experts who wield a broad range of formidable IT management tools looking after your IT infrastructure 24/7. This gives you the best chance to avoid any potentially costly data center/server downtime for your business, and it’s what you get when you put us in charge of your IT support in Baltimore.

What is our primary goal with our customers, in the most immediate sense of proactive IT support? To maintain a well-performing, predictably-accessible IT infrastructure which your entire business network can benefit from is of paramount importance.

Having full access to your business applications, customer data, and financial information is critical to the success and ongoing prosperity of your business, and something we work to deliver to each client that requests our IT services.

On simply a user access level, should your computers and other IT hardware fail to provide predictable information access to you, your employees, and your customers, it can have incredibly negative consequences for your business.

Clients and staff become frustrated, and your bottom line suffers anytime you have IT problems or outages that impact the “user-friendly” factor. When it starts impacting on your ability to do business, you’re counting the minutes and hours, flying out the window like a flurry of one-hundred dollar bills.

Studies Show How Dangerous Not Having Adequate IT Support is

A 2016 study done by Ponemon Institute and Emerson Network Power, has calculated the average cost of just one minute of downtime for businesses at nearly $9,000. For small businesses, it’s close to that amount per hour. That’s over $200,000 per day in server downtime caused financial loss for small businesses.

The average total cost of a data center outage for businesses in general? $740,357 according to the same study. With cybercrime accounting for 22 percent of those outages, our cybersecurity services are also meeting the challenge with gusto.

So, it’s clear that not having truly professional IT support services in your corner is like playing Russian Roulette with your business and livelihood. That’s why it’s our highest aim in providing Baltimore managed IT services and IT support to eliminate any chance of those negative repercussions for our valued customers. 

Ready for the Best IT Support for Baltimore Businesses?

To avoid costly and livelihood-threatening downtime and service interruptions, let Integris steer the course of your business prosperity through the troubled waters of IT networking in the 21st Century. Call one of our Baltimore IT support specialists today at (888) 330-8808, toll-free at (800) 431-2282, or email us for more information on how to get started.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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