Why Your IT Support in Baltimore Needs to Be So Much More Than Just “Technical Support”


January 31, 2017

We believe it takes much more than just technical expertise to be the kind of network support company our clients (and prospective clients) can trust. We also believe being a Baltimore IT support company goes way beyond simply being able to provide technical assistance per se. It takes having an all-encompassing vision of better IT networking for ALL, and the wherewithal to put that idea into action.

And, for our fellow business owners in Baltimore, the benefits of that “idea in action” ranges from cloud services to mobility management to robust cybersecurity and much, much more. This is what Baltimore IT support companies should be delivering – and, at more cost-effective rates.

Redefining Technical Support in Baltimore

“Technical support” by BusinessDictionary.com is defined as:

“User-friendly assistance for individuals having technical problems with electronic devices. [A] technical support team is composed of people that are familiar with the ins and outs of a device. With this knowledge, they can troubleshoot most problems that a user experiences. Technical support may be provided over the phone, through email, or with a live chat interface.”

We find this to be a rather overly clear definition (though mostly accurate) of what we see as a much bigger undertaking. May we re-define technical support, then, as “client support”? Or, “prosperity support”?

Because, to us, “technical support” must include such specialized points of service as:

  • Strategic, long-term IT planning for a more preventative approach to network threats.
  • Cloud computing services that serve your essential business networking requirements.
  • More cogent and agile technology-business alignment
  • More collaborative IT solutions that factor in your unique business “signature.”
  • Compliance-assuring industry specialization.
  • IT consulting and outsourcing, giving you a more comprehensive support platform.
  • Scalable solutions designed for small business networks.
  • Industry-leading outsourced CIO (vCIO) and virtualization services.
  • A proactive, rather than “break-fix” approach.

Our Baltimore IT support firm is here to champion your inherent business cause and make sure you have the IT support resources, tools, and capabilities at the ready to deliver more agile and responsive business computing and communications. And, the best part is we render our IT services in the most cost-friendly manner possible.

Act Now! Better Baltimore IT Support Awaits You… 

We seek to align our service program with your core business ideals and requirements. You need better, more proactive IT support in Baltimore, and we’re here to provide it. For a quick, no-obligation consultation, just call one of our Baltimore IT support consultants at 443.589.1150 or email us via secure email form for more information, and we will return your message ASAP.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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