How Much Time Would IT Vendor Management Save You?


August 26, 2015

IT Vendor Management

Any IT system is a complicated and often expensive investment. From budgeting to installation to ongoing maintenance, operating the hardware and software necessary to support a business is a daunting task, and that’s not even taking into account the large number of vendors that you have to choose from. The research for external service alone is enough to frustrate anyone that would rather just have their IT infrastructure meet their business needs.

That is just for IT.

What about communicating with vendors in other areas of your business( copiers, alarm systems, phones, etc)? Why not save time and money by having us help with the entire process? As your IT advisor and partner, we can oversee vendor management from beginning to end, ensuring that you have the IT configuration that best suits your needs. Our vendor management services offer you the following benefits:

  • Expert and Specified Consultation.

Our first priority will be to meet with you to analyze your existing IT environment to see what works and what will need to be upgraded. Furthermore, we will take into account your specific business goals and develop our recommendations to best support those plans. Once the research and analysis is complete, we will present you with a comprehensive IT plan to best prepare for your business’ future.

  • Representation with Third-Party Vendors.

We will make use of every industry connection we have in communicating with third-party vendors on your behalf. Whether they are software developers, Internet service providers, copier or telephone companies, we will represent you to get the best solutions, products and services for your business. Of course, this is optional and you could speak with these vendors if you prefer, but we have found this to be a huge timesaver (not to mention stress reliever) for our clients.  When we work with these vendors, we are consulting in your best interest, not our own.  We gather the information and make the recommendations, but you will make the final decisions.

  • Relevant and Accessible Solutions.

Another benefit of dealing directly through us for vendor management is that you will rarely have to hear confusing technical jargon again. We communicate in an even, accessible manner to better our relationship with you, our client. Furthermore, as we tailor your IT system to meet your needs, we will never attempt to up-sell you on any unnecessary gimmicks or superfluous equipment because minimal expenses is always a priority.

  • One Convenient Rate. 

Vendor Management is included in our services, there aren’t any extra costs.  Therefore, all of your IT expenses come under one service.  A single monthly or quarterly rate is reliable and easy to plan for, which makes your budgeting process that much simpler.

Are you uncertain that you are getting everything that you paid for?  Let’s have a conversation. To learn more about our vendor management services and many other services we offer under one roof, contact Integris IT today at (888) 330-8808 or send us an email at [email protected]

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