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Integris provides expert IT Helpdesk services for Tampa Bay businesses.

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Benefit from comprehensive IT Helpdesk services offering ongoing support for your network, software, and hardware, effectively preventing costly downtime.

Since 1996, Integris has been delivering intelligent Helpdesk solutions to businesses in Tampa, ensuring seamless operations and optimized performance.

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Clients rate Integris the #1 Managed Service Provider

Our reviews on Clutch speak for themselves – we've been ranked the #1 Managed IT Service Provider based on our ability to deliver services and our focus in the managed IT space.

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How IT helpdesk services from Integris help Tampa Bay businesses

“During the pandemic the telehealth option at our office became a reality. To be able to move through these types of appointments and connect with our patients that we were actively treating was beautiful.”

Dr Bill Layman

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24/7 remote helpdesk services

Our local Tampa Bay IT helpdesk team is available round the clock to promptly address any IT issues that arise. With us, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll never have to tackle IT disruptions alone again.

On-site field support

While many issues can be resolved remotely, there are times when you require the assistance of an on-site technician. Our local Tampa teams are equipped to provide swift support to minimize costly downtime.

Network support

A reliable network is vital for maintaining seamless workflow and high productivity. Receive the necessary support for your network through our expert IT helpdesk services.

Cloud support

A well-optimized cloud infrastructure can significantly enhance your business productivity. Should any issues arise, our cloud experts are readily available to resolve them and ensure uninterrupted business operations.

Cybersecurity support

With ransomware and malware becoming increasingly sophisticated, our top-tier cybersecurity services are essential for proactively monitoring, identifying, and mitigating threats to your business.

Backups & business continuity

Safeguard your business against data loss or corruption with our industry-leading disaster recovery and business continuity services. Rest assured that your business data remains secure at all times.

Hardware & software support​

Maintaining fully functional hardware and software is crucial for sustaining peak business performance. Our team continuously monitors and optimizes your systems to ensure seamless operation.

Infrastructure support

Drive business growth and productivity with an optimized infrastructure. Our use of root-cause analysis enables us to identify and resolve IT issues comprehensively from the ground up.

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Service Beyond Servers:
Doing good in Tampa Bay

Because Integris values the local communities we serve, we take a local approach to our charitable giving and community involvement.

The Integris Impact program allows employees to take a set amount of PTO each each year to volunteer at the local charity of their choosing.

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Experience fully managed IT services tailored for businesses in Tampa Bay.

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Explore our IT support solutions designed specifically for businesses in Tampa Bay.

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Integris can assist Tampa businesses in aligning their technology needs with future goals.

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Integris can assist Tampa businesses in aligning their technology needs with future goals.

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Safeguard your business with premier helpdesk services equipped to tackle any IT challenges you might face. Ensure maximum uptime for your network, so you can eliminate concerns over costly downtime and lost productivity.

Tampa Bay IT helpdesk services FAQ

What is an IT helpdesk?

An IT helpdesk is a resource center designed to provide users and businesses with support, guidance, and solutions to technical problems. Often staffed by a team of IT professionals, an IT helpdesk serves as the first point of contact for troubleshooting hardware and software issues, managing service requests, and resolving connectivity problems.

Helpdesks can offer support over the phone, via email, through live chat, or even in person. The primary goal is to help users get back to their work quickly and efficiently by addressing their IT issues effectively.

How do IT helpdesk services work?

When a user encounters a technical issue, they contact the helpdesk, which logs the issue as a ticket in a ticketing system. This ticket includes details such as the user’s information, the nature of the issue, severity, and any other relevant information.

IT helpdesks usually have a tiered support structure, which allows for small daily issues like password resets to be handled quickly, while more significant issues are worked on by more experienced technicians. The helpdesk attempts to resolve problems using remote troubleshooting techniques, guidance, and advice. If an issue cannot be resolved remotely, it may escalate to on-site support or involve more detailed investigation and repair by specialized technical teams.

Once the issue is resolved, the helpdesk follows up with the user to ensure that the solution is satisfactory and the problem has not recurred. The ticket is then closed in the system.

What businesses are a good fit for outsourced IT helpdesk services?

Outsourced IT helpdesk services can be a great fit for various types of businesses, especially those that want to enhance their IT support without the overhead of a full in-house team. Here are some types of businesses that typically benefit from outsourced IT helpdesk services:

  1. Small to Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs): Many SMBs may not have the budget to maintain a full-time, comprehensive IT staff. Outsourcing IT helpdesk services can provide them with access to expert support without the cost of hiring and training a dedicated team.

  2. Startups: Startups often operate with limited resources and may find it more cost-effective to outsource their IT helpdesk. This allows them to focus on core business activities while ensuring their technology needs are met.

  3. Companies with Fluctuating Demand: Businesses that experience seasonal spikes in demand, such as retail or tax advisory firms, can benefit from the scalability of outsourced IT helpdesk services. They can adjust the level of support according to their current needs.

  4. Organizations Needing 24/7 Support: Businesses that require round-the-clock IT support, such as those in hospitality, healthcare, or e-commerce, can greatly benefit from outsourcing to a provider that offers 24/7 services, ensuring that help is always available when needed.

How do I find an IT helpdesk service provider in Tampa Bay?

Look for online reviews from independent third parties when you’re looking for IT helpdesk services in Tampa Bay. Additionally, consult with individuals in your professional network, particularly CFOs and executives in highly regulated industries, for their recommendations.