The Components of a Well-Established Long-Term IT Plan


February 8, 2020

Long-Term IT Plans: The Core Components of a Good Future Strategy

Long-term IT plans are an integral part of technology solutions. Find out the core components of a long term IT plan from Integris.    

Long Term IT Plan

Long Term IT Planning

Working with a good technology services company is perhaps one of the most important things for any modern-day business owner. Yet, so many service providers can make it difficult to track down just who will provide the best service for your company. One attribute that should always be present is a futuristic approach to a long-term IT plan or strategy. Many of the smaller service providers do not have the skills and experience to support the technology needs of the business now, and in the future, with a long term IT plan in place. Here is a look at some of the things any good long-term IT plan should include for your business.

Multi-Year IT Budgets

A certain designation should be assumed in the company budget for IT costs in totality. A company that can anticipate the costs of IT-related objectives in the future is far less likely to come up short when it is time to implement new strategies that may cost more money. The best technology solutions company will be able to offer the business owner a forecasted expectation of what the budget will be going forward for IT needs.

Long-Term Security Strategies

Security strategies are an ever-evolving thing. They must be in order to keep up with the development of new threats and new risks that show up in the technological world. If the technology services provider is a good one, they will have a strategic plan in place for business continuity in the event there is ever a security issue. However, the long-term IT plan for security will also come along with things like:

  • How the company will continue to comply with industry security standards or local security protocols and guidelines
  • A detailed budget plan to determine how much will be allocated annually to the security of the system and the business
  • Scheduled risk analyses and internal audits to monitor for potential risks or vulnerabilities in the future
  • Cyber insurance planning and risk prevention cost analyses

Corporate Technology Planning

As your business grows and changes, so will the business’s IT needs grow and change. Understanding just how the changes in your company will affect IT needs is ever-important. The technology solutions provider must have a good roadmap in place that details what will take place and what necessary changes will have to be made as your business grows and changes. By integrating IT demands in with the business operations, these predictions are relatively easy to make for those who have industry experience and insight.

IT Strategies and Future Executions

The strategic technology roadmap for a business is going to show several facets of future executions and changes, such as:

  • IT operations where vendor management is concerned
  • IT staffing planning for future in-house IT needs
  • Infrastructure analyses to determine when certain programs will have to be upgraded or changed

In addition, another good point of IT strategy is examining the return on investment with new software or SaaS implementations that could be possible for the company as the budget for technology solutions grows.

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Having a technology solutions company that has a good long-term plan in place for your business is vital. If your provider does not have a long-term plan, it may be time to look into another solution. Integris is a technology solutions company located in the Baltimore, MD region. We provide service to clients in the Washington, DC and Baltimore Metro regions, and we always offer forward-facing strategies for the future. Reach out to us to find out how we can help your business.

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