Why Managed IT is Dominating in 2016 And how it may help improve your business processes


April 25, 2016

Small to medium sized businesses across the globe are turning to managed service providers (MSP) to deal with the mounting and daunting tasks of information technology within their companies. Many of these businesses do have IT staff, but find that their staff becomes bogged down in the details of keeping up with technology and fending off the effects of continual maintenance issues.

As a result of these distractions and costs, the owners of these businesses are making the decision to outsource the parts of their IT management that daily bury their internal IT team in minutia. This frees up the in-house team to be more productive. The reasons for outsourcing are as many and as varied as the companies themselves, but in the end, it all comes down to the bottom line – it makes financial sense.

Efficient Use of Resources – Any homeowner knows that it is smarter to hook their house up to the town’s water supply than it is for the homeowner to drag buckets of water home each day from a nearby spring. Why? Simply put, outsourcing the gathering, transportation, and quality control of the water makes good sense. It is cheaper and easier.

Hiring a managed service provider to work with your companies’ continuous IT challenges is no different. Sure, you can hire one or several employees to trudge through the woods, gather water, bring it back, test it, and distribute it, but that would be a waste of their time and their real talents. There is a more efficient system. This is why you hire an MSP. Outsourcing your time-consuming IT tasks to an MSP is as efficient and cost effective as having water brought to your home.

Please note that we are on the same team as your internal IT staff, we aren’t trying to take their jobs away. We want to work with them, not against them. Internal IT staff are essential to the growth and prosperity of your organization. That is why we believe that the tasks that weigh them down should be taken off of their shoulders so that they can do the work that they are passionate about and what, in the end, makes the company money.

An MSP should provide true return on investment (ROI) for your company, plus save your over-tasked IT employees time and frustration. Using an MSP firm will allow your company access to the latest technology and business-grade solutions. No longer will you have to pay IT employees endless hours to keep up with the latest hardware, software, and IT processes.

With an outsourced IT partner, you avoid these “learning curve” costs, and because you are working with a team of professionals, you will have less downtime.  This isn’t to say that your internal IT staff doesn’t have knowledge, it’s just that many times they are too busy putting out fires that there isn’t time to stay up to date.  Make sense?

No Worries About Security or Compliance – The last thing the owner of a small to medium sized company wants to be thinking about is whether their computer system is secure. They don’t want to be concerned about backups that are mandated by regulation. The owner of a business does not want these headaches on his plate, and they don’t have to be.

By outsourcing IT to a managed service provider, the business owner can turn his/her attention to the things that actually make his/her business money. He/she doesn’t have to worry about security breaches or theft of his/her client’s personal information. All of that is being done right and automatically by the MSP agreement. This is one of the ways that utilizing an MSP can protect a company’s brand.

No owner wants his/her business name splashed across the nightly news because some hacker broke through his/her employee-managed firewall. That is just not good for the brand – detrimental even. By giving the time-consuming details of the IT work and maintenance over to an MSP, the business owner doesn’t have to think about whether the employees have complied with all regulations, and doesn’t have to use his/her time dealing with whether PCI security standards have been met in regard to online sales portals.

Maintenance – When you outsource your IT, you also outsource the headaches of maintenance. After all, who wants that pain? The business owner who has run the numbers knows what an IT breakdown as a result of poor maintenance will cost him/her. Because he/she doesn’t want to suffer that revenue loss, he/she is willing to pay an MSP to detect and repair the little things before they become real problems that affect the business.

This frees the owner and his/her in-house IT employees to focus on the business and what actually profits the business. Maintenance doesn’t bring in revenue; so why should your IT employees be tasked with it? Their skills are much too valuable for them to be burdened with repetitive tasks. Maintenance can be done smarter, safer, and possibly cheaper by a managed service provider. That MSP will provide continuity to your IT process and thus, your business.

In a recent article, Mary McCoy of Continuum.net said: “In working with the right MSP, key executives can take advantage of proactive BDR solutions that offer business continuity by combining RMM intelligence with regular, encrypted backups, cloud computing capabilities, and IT virtualization.” Maintenance requires vigilance. This is why it is best outsourced to people who do it every day.

Return on Investment – Working in cooperation with an MSP has been proven to reduce overall IT costs for companies.  Whether it is in regard to your hardware, software, network infrastructure, or your maintenance, their expertise will save you time, money, and frustration.   

The advantage of agreeing with an MSP to solve your IT challenges is that you know that it is done right, and that you have predictable costs as laid out by the agreement. That means that you no longer have to pay overtime to an in-house employee while he/she struggles to learn and understand the intricacies of your IT. With an MSP you are getting people who already know the technology and deal with issues like yours on a daily basis. Experience matters, and experience saves time and money. That doesn’t mean that in-house IT staff aren’t valuable. They are! What I am saying is that their time is best spent on ventures that make the company money.

Release IT Staff to Do Great Things – You hired your IT staff because you wanted them to do great things, but they have been bogged down in the details of the day-to-day IT challenges. By moving these daily tasks over to an MSP, you effectively free up your IT staff to fully support your vision and work on the tasks that you need to have accomplished.

With the company’s IT safely in the hands of the MSP, your in-house IT employees can be released to use their talents on strategic projects that will elevate your company into the future. When it comes to IT, the best-equipped people save you the most money overall. In most cases, the MSP team is far better equipped to meet the challenges that modern business faces, and therefore they are the sound and fiscally responsible choice for your IT management.

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