Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses in New York City


May 22, 2023

Building a sustainable, secure, and scalable business takes a team of experts not just within the four walls of your business. To propel your business forward in an ever-changing digital environment, consider the importance of enlisting information technology experts outside of your organization. If you are a small business in New York City, consider the benefits of managed IT services that can help you monitor the security of your business using an integrated approach. 

Managed IT Services NYC: Small Business Benefits

Proactive measures to consider in an increasingly threatening digital world can include preventing cyber breaches before they even happen, staying industry compliant, and proactive monitoring and maintenance for your peace of mind. Below, discover the essential benefits of managed IT services that will help you scale your company. 

  1. Future-Proof Your Business 
  2. Prepare for Cybersecurity Threats
  3. Minimize Downtime 
  4. Meet Compliance Requirements 

1. Future-Proof Your Business 

If you are a small business, you understand the stress and insecurities of scaling your business while working toward being profitable. The growing pains of this process are not always avoidable but can offer huge rewards in the long run. Future-proofing your business means employing highly progressive and experienced managers and executives who understand your objectives clearly. Afterall, it starts from the top down. Creating sustainable models within the company, strategic planning, and infrastructure technology will also help you and your team achieve success and longevity. 

Help your small business gain a leg up on competitors by working with industry leading IT companies who know exactly what technology suits your unique business needs. Look for companies that offer infrastructure management services, cloud services, provide a strong network connectivity, and excellent cybersecurity support. 

2. Prepare for Cybersecurity Threats

We are living and working in a digital age with information being shared faster than ever before. With that, it’s crucial to keep your company’s data safe and that of your employees, clients, and customers. Security is really where trust begins when building strong customer relationships. Ensuring your confidentiality is top priority is one of the most important features when enlisting managed IT services for your small business in New York City. 

Consider this: How prepared is your small business for a security breach? What measures are you taking to mitigate cybercrime before it ever happens? Do you have a set of best practices to safeguard your business? 

While there are a handful of cybersecurity do’s and don’ts, putting them into practice at your small business can be highly technical and complicated. Integris’ managed IT services are aimed at keeping your business’s most precious information confidential. Our audits ensure you meet all requirements to keep your business industry compliant while safeguarding you against increasing security threats. This planning framework helps you enhance your protection and fits your unique needs and technology budget. Maintaining a high level of security to prevent the spread of threats to your growing business is what we do best, so you can get back to what you do best. 

3. Minimize Downtime 

There’s nothing more disruptive to a workday than unexpected downtime. This can be caused by a cybersecurity breach, hardware failure, or an environmental disruption that has your team scrambling to respond or sometimes forced to wait it out. Any amount of downtime will probably cause your business money and can hold up critical projects with time-sensitive deadlines. One effective way to minimize downtime and put your small business in New York City on the pathway of success is by using managed IT services. 

At Integris, we offer multiple layers of security monitoring as well as management scanning and troubleshooting to keep your information and operations secure and optimized—no matter what life throws at you. And in the case of a security breach, our incident response services help you quickly in critical situations through our superior service and technical expertise. 

4. Meet Compliance Requirements 

Staying up to date with the constantly shifting industry requirements is costly, time consuming, and can enlist a specialized team of employees. Not only is being industry compliant important for security purposes to safeguard your information but it’s vital for legal purposes. There are federal, state, and local regulations that determine the security of you and your customer’s data. When these regulations are not upheld, there can be financial consequences due to fines and loss of customer trust all while impacting your company’s competitiveness. 

Let Integris’ managed IT services save you time, money, and resources by utilizing our knowledge of the best industry-standard practices—so you don’t have to. We provide solutions for your small business that help simplify complex environments and maintain the security and safety of your information. No company is exempt from taking responsibility for protecting their customer’s data, making it crucial for your small business in New York City to utilize specialists who understand current regulations. 

Scalable Solutions for Your Small Business in New York City

Managed IT services offer scalable solutions to support booming businesses and start-ups getting off the ground. To create the safest, most secure, organized, and expertly managed technology environment for your unique business, consider managed IT services that directly address the following solutions. 

  1. Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance 
  2. Rapid Response to IT Crises
  3. Predictable Monthly Costs 
  4. Focus on Your Growth 

1. Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance 

Small businesses today face dozens of cybersecurity threats, from cyberattacks to malware infections, and ransomware every single day. Integris’ offers multiple layers of security monitoring, management scanning, and troubleshooting to keep your operations as safe and secure as possible. Managed IT services are a wise investment for any small business in New York City who is seeking a technology infrastructure and dedicated support that keeps your data secure, your customers satisfied, and your employees working efficiently. It’s a packaged deal with your peace of mind as the ribbon on top. 

2. Rapid Response to IT Crises

When a crisis hits there is no time to waste. Integris’ unparalleled levels of service led by expert engineers are ready to support you. Through technical support, including incident and breach responses, our team will recover potentially lost data to help you quickly bounce back from a breach. Not only does this save you money, time, and unnecessary headaches, but you will maintain trust with your loyal customers even in the heat of a crisis. Our breach response services include: 

  • Data Forensics
  • Server Rebuilding
  • Workstation Rebuilding
  • Network Recovery

3. Predictable Monthly Costs

Keeping your business’ technology environment safe and secure comes with a cost. That cost should reflect dependable service, transparency, and consider your budget. Working with a provider who sets a fixed monthly bill is one of the most effective ways you can create financial consistency and avoid unpredictability. Look for managed IT services for your small business in New York City that includes all costs, so you are not caught with an unexpected bill at the end of the month. 

At Integris, we pride ourselves on offering accurate and fair pricing that suits your unique business needs. Our IT Support Costs Calculator was created to help maintain technology solutions and has been utilized for hundreds of organizations based on our 20+ years of industry experience. The result? Efficient and cost effective solutions, from cloud services to firewall management to network infrastructure led by our trusted team. Pricing is typically determined by the length of your contract with us and your desired services. Overall, this fixed monthly cost helps you eliminate an upfront capital expenditure and ensures your team forecast operational costs far in advance.

4. Focus on Your Growth 

As your New York City small business grows and adapts to an ever-changing digital landscape, it’s important that your IT resources reflect your current state while preparing you for increased growth over the next year. When looking for the right managed IT service provider to meet your specific needs, consider their reputation, services, guidance and customer service, and their support for new requests to help your business scale. One of the most important features of a provider that you should look for is their cutting-edge cybersecurity monitoring. Plus, our fixed price includes all of the services that are catered to your business objectives and security needs. This can include holistically managing your entire network to reduce the IT burden on your company and ensure your network is secure and reliable. 

Leverage the Benefits of Integris IT Services in NYC

With Integris’s managed IT security services, we take an integrated approach using different tools that work together to provide a complete shield of protection for your business. Our gold-standard products paired with IT policy development go beyond the basics to support your growth with no limits in sight. In addition, we provide access to our resources and management, so you don’t have to invest in expensive security departments that require more internal employees. All of these combined managed services will help reduce your costs by allowing you more time to advance your business goals while we worry about managing your cybersecurity. 

Trust Integris to Manage Your IT Services for Your NYC Small Business 

Your partner in technology should help you understand and leverage all facets of your IT infrastructure by applying client strategy and budgets to a proven IT process all based on standards and best practices. Get in touch with Integris to help you create a unified IT ecosystem through expertly curated managed IT services for your small business in New York City.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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