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Managing Business Risk

We hope that organizations are beginning to find their stride again as the first week of quarantines and remote work comes to an end. We’re all in this together!

To help make sure that your team can still perform at the highest level in the coming weeks, we will be hosting a Zoom webinar/Q&A on Monday, March 23rd, on the topic: Managing Business Risk.

Here from our CEO, CTO and CFO about key topics. Learn about tools for business productivity and collaboration while balancing the cybersecurity risks with a remote team. Find out ways to maintain company culture, well-being and manage anxiety of staff during this difficult time. Be on the look out for unique business risks for your clients and the pending financial projections.

March 23, 2020: 12 – 1 pm ESTMarch 23, 2020: 6 – 7 pm EST

Integris Webinar Details

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What does it look like to work from home??

Find out some tips and tricks to help you be productive and connect with your team.

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