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November 28, 2017

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In the business world, we hear a lot of terms thrown around like “culture,” “mission statement,” “guarantee” and “core values.” A lot of people write these off as corporate cheese, but they are integral parts of a business’ identity. 

What are core values?

At MyITpros, our mission is to help and empower businesses and people. While we work to fulfill that mission, it’s our core values that drive our everyday actions. This great definition states that “Core values are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect what a company values. They are the essence of the company’s identity – the principles, beliefs or philosophy of values.” Core values will drive your business’ decision-making process, educate the public on what your company is and provide more information about its identity, so they are very valuable recruitment and retention tools.

For MyITpros, all of this has proven true. Our core values have given us guidelines for decision-making and how to treat one another, as well as letting people – both clients and staff – know what to expect when working with us. Our core values have really helped shape our culture and attract talent that meets our needs.

Defining our core values

Despite being in operation for 25 years, MyITpros only established core values in 2011. The current leadership team knew how important this was to a strong business plan, so each member did a self-reflection exercise to identify five to seven personal values.

After every member presented their personal values, the team tried to spot commonalities, chose employees who embodied the traits they wanted to see in the organization, determined which values these individuals all seemed to possess and added those to the list. Next, they decided to sit with these observations and think about them – our core values were not decided in a day! After a few weeks, the team regrouped and began what’s commonly known as a health value checkup, which asks, “Is this value really alive and well in the company? If so, where do we see it?” After this phase of the project, the list was narrowed down to five final values.

The last step involved creating value statements to go along with each of the core values. This was important because values can mean different things to different people. For example, to a shareholder, our core value of “Own it” could be taken literally (i.e. owning the business), while a service team member is more likely to perceive it in the context of taking ownership of their tickets.


MyITpros’ core values

At long last, here are MyITpros’ core values and accompanying statements!

  • Do the right thing– We are known for the trust our clients, partners and employees have in our integrity.
  • Do good work and own it– We take ownership of every task and commit to quality results.
  • Adapt with agility– We are champions of change, bringing together people, processes and technology to support clients’ goals.
  • Learn and improve– We are constant in our efforts to learn and grow.
  • Laugh and have fun– We love to laugh and enjoy working with smart, funny people.

At MyITpros, we understand how crucial it is to revisit your core values. During our annual end-of-year planning session, we ask of each value, “Is this really still us and who we are?” After all, a business will change as it grows, so things that were a major priority 10 years ago may not be now. That said, keep in mind that while it’s OK for core values to morph, changes should be undertaken very slowly to ensure they truly represent a core business value and not just an initiative.

MyITpros is proud to have been a managed IT provider in Austin for 25 years! We encourage you to visit our resource center for more information around security, managed services and cloud services. Feel free to contact us with questions about how we can help your business!

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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