MSP’s Three Faulty Objections to Outsourcing


April 14, 2016

It is unfortunate, but in my experience many company leaders embrace faulty notions when it comes to outsourcing. It is true that outsourcing done badly has soured the concept in the minds of many business leaders.


Let’s face it: we have all been burned by some flighty company saying they were going to come through for us only to discover that they couldn’t or wouldn’t. That is disappointing to say the least.

But here is the deal – we don’t have to allow the negative stereotype of outsourcing to impact our decision-making. Just because you, as a consumer, got turned off by a company that outsourced poorly, it doesn’t mean that outsourcing couldn’t and shouldn’t work for your business with the right strategy and guidance.

In this post I want to tackle three of the faulty objections or myths that I regularly hear from prospective customers. I hear these when I try to explain the benefits of outsourcing some of the routine work that their small to medium size business is currently doing. The crazy thing for me is that if they would embrace outsourcing some of their IT work, they could free up some serious time and resources.

Here are some of the faulty assumptions that could keep your business from embracing the value of outsourcing:

Outsourcing is too costly! – Now let’s be real here. If outsourcing really costs companies a fortune, fewer would be going this route, right?  Here are the facts:

Outsourcing some or all of your IT work lessens the burden on your in-house staff. Instead of running around putting out maintenance blazes like a little IT fire department, they could be focusing on creatively fulfilling, forward-thinking tasks that actually grow the company and make you money!

Outsourcing reduces your in-house IT budget because you aren’t paying your staff endless overtime hours to keep up with technology or to do tedious, counter productive, and repetitive IT tasks. All of this busy-work can be passed on to an IT Managed Service Provider like Integris. This leaves you paying fewer overtime hours and employing more fulfilled, more creative, and more productive in-house IT staff!

Outsourcing Automatically Means Bad Customer Service! – No, there are reputable, conscientious IT Managed Service Providers that will give you excellent service. Just because you have had a bad experience with a company that outsourced, – and we all have – doesn’t mean that all outsourcing companies will treat you badly. In fact, there are some great ones out there that really care about their clients and doing quality work. Integris strives for true partnerships with there clients.

By outsourcing some or all of your IT work to a quality MSP, you can give your company an edge over your competition. IT Managed Service Providers can give you a wealth of knowledge and experience at your disposal. This is why it makes sense to have an outsource MSP team on board for your small to medium business.

In our experience, the outsourced vendor partners we work with help us supply a better level of consistent, quality service to our clients.

Outsourcing means Management Problems We have had business owners tell us, “I can barely manage my own team, why would I add more complication?” Okay, so more chaos is not good, but what if more could organize you? What if more could help you run smoothly and efficiently? I understand the hesitancy to put another company and more people into the mix of your already busy company, but if it would help it would be worth it, right?

Here is the upside: outsourcing some or all of your IT frees up your in-house team to focus on what makes you profitable. It keeps them out of the boring, mundane tasks that they most likely don’t care for. That is good for everyone! Outsourcing to an MSP frees up your time. You no longer have to deal with employees, process, structure, reporting, and metrics in regard to the work being outsourced. The MSP takes care of all of that for you. In the end, management problems are lessened because each section of the team (both in-house and IT MSP outsourced) understands and does the work that they are best suited to accomplish.

Are you ready to speak with a quality Managed Service Provider that is dedicated to helping you serve your clients at a high level of integrity? Call (888) 330-8808 or email [email protected] and to the team of professionals at Integris. We are ready to take some of the burden off of your team, so they can focus on your business growth.

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