MyITpros software spotlight: Workable, our recruiting system


March 28, 2018

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Like most businesses, MyITpros uses numerous software programs to keep everything organized and running efficiently. After 25 years in business, we’ve tried a lot of different programs! Our software spotlights are here to highlight the software we use in-house, and to give other businesses insight into what we like and don’t like.

This month, our HR generalist Meredith Soch discusses the applicant tracking system that we employ during our hiring process.

Why we needed an ATS

When I started taking over recruitment for the company, we didn’t have any kind of ATS in place; applicants would email their resumes and I would file everything into a folder in Outlook. That approach was fine when we were a small company, but after we started experiencing steady growth—and thus, steady recruiting across multiple departments—it became unbearable to manage. There was no easy way to keep track of everything and make it easily accessible for everyone involved in the hiring process. We knew we needed to find a platform that kept us organized, allowed multiple users, was customizable to our process and differentiated stages of hiring.

Why we chose Workable

One day, I stumbled upon Workable. This flexible but organized platform is not only simple, it allows me to customize our process. Specifically, I’m able to enter each step of the process as a different stage (i.e. resume received, phone screen, in-person interview) so I can see exactly how many candidates I have at any particular point.

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From the very beginning, Workable makes it easy to create and post job ads with a template that can be integrated with the existing careers page on your company website. As an added bonus, Workable automatically posts your ad to a handful of popular career sites.

Once the candidates start pouring in, you can easily view resumes, move applicants forward, and add notes and ratings that are viewable to all interviewers, which cultivates a collaborative environment. Probably my favorite feature is the event option that facilitates calendar invite creation right from the Workable site. Instead of having to go into Outlook, I can send out a professional-looking calendar invite directly from the candidate’s profile, including pertinent details such as location and interviewer name. In addition, Workable recently added a new feature that I’m excited to try out: a way for candidates to digitally sign their offer letters.

I also want to mention the reporting section. Every week, I must report on several recruiting metrics, and Workable makes this potentially tedious process extremely easy. I can’t think of what it doesn’t track! I can get a snapshot of every open job’s status, a chart of where each candidate came from, a calculation of the average time it takes a candidate to move through the pipeline and more. On top of that, I’m able to further narrow down each report using metrics such as time frame and job title.

All in all, Workable is a great ATS. There are plenty of options out there, but if you’re seeking an easily customizable platform for a smaller company, look no further.

Meredith_Thomas_Human_Resources.png Meredith Soch, HR Generalist 

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