MyITpros vendor spotlight: Momentum Telecom


June 7, 2018

6-7-18 blog post

MyITpros is honored to have a list of amazing vendors with whom we partner, including storage solutions, security professionals and VoIP providers. Ultimately, we align ourselves with organizations that we know will be the best fit for our company and our clients. As a managed services provider, we support and manage the client-vendor relationship far beyond the initial introduction, so it stands to reason that we like to work with the best companies out there!

Who is Momentum?

Founded in 2001, Momentum Telecom is a leading cloud-based communications provider that offers personalized VoIP solutions and broadband management to businesses. Initially called Momentum Business Solutions, what was originally a business telephone and internet service provider moved into offering residential voice services, wholesale VoIP solutions and phone systems before further expanding into the value-added reseller and retail spaces. Momentum Telecom was formed as the result of a merger with IBBS and Alteva. Today, Momentum is CLEC-certified in 45 states and operates more than 100,000 digital voice lines.

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What is VoIP?

VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is a way to take analog audio signals and convert them into digital data that can be transmitted over a broadband internet connection. Because VoIP allows voice and data services to be transported on the same network and to be supported together, VoIP services are both less expensive and easier to operate, resulting in a lower cost for end users.

Why Momentum Telecom?

Momentum’s platform aligns channel partners, techs, support and product offerings to offer a robust catalog of services that includes supreme network uptime, centralized ordering and support, geographic redundancy, top voice quality and advanced yet user-friendly features. Momentum attributes its continued growth to a superior quality of service, a large footprint, an established track record of success in telephony and complete 24/7 Tier 1 support.

MyITpros is proud to partner with an organization like Momentum Telecom. Feel free to visit our contact page to schedule a free consultation to discuss all your internet and telephone needs and see if our vendors are a fit for your business!

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