Need Internet in a Remote Building but Wiring Is Not an Option?


July 28, 2015

I encounter this issue all the time.  A remote office across the street – or for that matter, several miles away – cannot access the Internet. And when it can, the connection is slow and expensive. The traditional solution to this problem is to pay for another Internet connection for the additional building and bridge the networks together via a VPN tunnel. The additional ISP solution is expensive, has recurring costs and the performance is lacking.  If there is a need to share an Internet connection and interconnect two remote networks together, a wireless point-to-point bridge may be the best solution.

What Is a Wireless Bridge?

A wireless bridge is a signal between two endpoints or more that can transmit data, voice or video traffic at high speeds over long distances (up to 50+ miles).  Speeds for the transmission of these signals can range (depending on the wireless bridge you purchase) anywhere from 150 mbps to over 2 GB, which is much higher than those experienced from Internet providers offering a leased line or fiber connection.

Benefits of a Wireless Bridge

The benefits of a wireless bridge are great, including savings from avoiding an additional Internet bill each month,  and the additional wiring costs that are required.  The higher bandwidths of wireless bridges is another significant reason to opt for the wireless solution.  The average ROI is about 3 months – this is compared to a 45 Mbps leased line provided by an Internet provider.

Is a Wireless Bridge Reliable?

If you select a solid manufacturer, such as Ubiquiti Networks, and you have the devices installed properly, you can achieve great results (99.99% uptime). Even under harsh weather conditions, these devices have proven to be resilient.

Will a Wireless Bridge Work For Me?

If you have a clear line of site between the locations and low obstruction in the Fresnel zone, a wireless bridge could be a viable option for your business.  Contact us for an evaluation of your needs.


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