Nonprofit Cloud Software Takes Your Mission to The Next Level, For Less


September 17, 2021

Think Enterprise Grade Software is Too Expensive for Your Small NPO? Think Again. Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Has Introduced a New Generation of Affordable Tools Developed Specifically for the Charitable Sector.

We hear it from our nonprofit clients all the time. “How can I possibly afford high-end business software when I’m just a small nonprofit?” Until fairly recently, that worry was well-founded. But this year, Microsoft has unrolled its latest product—Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit. And it is truly changing the game.

Microsoft has not only packaged up its most popular software tools like Microsoft 365 into low cost packages, but it’s layered on fundraising and engagement tools, training portals, business analytics, and cybersecurity protection with the needs of nonprofits in mind.

Is Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit just as good as the software packages larger companies get? Yes. Can you afford it? Also, yes. If you are currently licensing Microsoft software, or you are thinking of getting Windows 365, you need to jump on this opportunity. You’ll never find a better time to put cloud-based systems to work for your organization.

An impressive amount of services are available, geared specifically for challenges of fundraising, volunteer management, team communication, and more. And best of all, with the grants and discounts Microsoft is offering, you can often get these services at a fraction of what it would normally cost. Let’s take a look at what nonprofit cloud software can do for you.

Microsoft’s Nonprofit Cloud Software: Discounted, Low-Cost Tools You Can Use Now to Improve Your Operations

If you’re considering getting nonprofit cloud software for your organization, or upgrading the software you already have, you’ll first have to consider what your organization needs. If you’re like most nonprofits, your needs are great, and your budget is small. But the good news is, nonprofit cloud software can make your resources go further. Here’s some of the services they have available.

Microsoft Cloud for Business

This is the package that includes all those software platforms we’ve come to expect from Microsoft: office desktop applications, file sharing in the cloud, web and video conferencing, device management and advanced security features. Here, you get their complete suite of office software such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, Teams, PowerPoint, Excel and more. If you’re ready to try Microsoft cloud for nonprofit, this is where you want to start.


Azure is a collection of more than 200 business tools that allow companies to build and run their own apps on their network. The capabilities of this platform are impressive, and wide ranging. Azure is software solution you’ll want in your toolbox.

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise

With this platform, nonprofits can run full relationship management programs to their constituents, volunteers, and clients. Keep track of communications and make sure all your audiences feel engaged and supported.

Power BI

This platform uses artificial intelligence to build data sources, build visualizations, publish to the Power BI service and embed data on your websites.

Fundraising and Engagement

While Microsoft cloud for nonprofit is still under development, Microsoft’s Fundraising and Engagement solution is available now. Released in April 2021, Fundraising and Engagement offers its users rapid donation payment and management tools, constituent research powered by LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and volunteer engagement and management tools.

Now that you know what services can help you, there’s never been a better time to jump into nonprofit cloud software. Let’s get started.

Nonprofit Cloud Software: Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you want to implement nonprofit cloud software at your organization, you’ll need a partner. Internal IT staff or a managed services IT provider can help you set up the licenses and get them working on your system. If you’d like to learn more about nonprofit cloud software, Integris has loads of resources to help.

Try out some of our latest blogs on fundraising software tools, or how to mitigate nonprofit risks. Visit our website for more details about all the specialized IT services we offer the nonprofit industry. And if you’re really looking to do your homework, check out our FREE eBook Top Tips for Cutting Costs & Improving Efficiencies in Your Nonprofit. It’s part of our comprehensive Nonprofit Essentials Kit, which includes detailed reports, assessments, and more. You’ll have everything you need to know to take your organization’s networks and platforms to the next level, for less. Download it today!



Susan Gosselin is a Senior Content Writer for Integris. A career communicator and business journalist, she's written extensively on IT topics and trends for IT service providers like Iconic IT and ProCoders Ukraine, as well as business publications such as,, The Lane Report and many others. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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