Obsolete Technologies Your Law Firm Should Replace In 2014


January 15, 2014

With technology advancements, older types of technology are fast becoming obsolete for today’s law firms. When ringing in the New Year consider replacing older technologies with new ones.

  • Traditional Fax Machines

While some employees still insist on using fax machines, virtual fax services are the preferred choice for law firms today. In the past, expensive equipment and dedicated landlines were used to send and receive documents by facsimile. Today, technology allows for secure and affordable virtual faxing via online business services.

  • Landline Telephones

Virgin Media Business, a U.K.-based Internet service provider, surveyed 500 chief information officers about the future of communication. According to the survey, 65% said that landlines would become obsolete in five years. In fact, landlines may not even be an option for employees by 2017.

Law firms are quickly switching over to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services. VoIP technology offers both remote and in-office connectivity and flexibility. It deploys, scales, and grows with ease, and is built for reliable IP communications. It also promotes business continuity, as calls can be received and voice mails retrieved even when phone lines are down. You can even keep your existing phone number.

  • Hard Drives

With the invention of the cloud, physical storage is now obsolete. When you store your files in the cloud, you’re far less likely to lose them. With cloud services, your authorized staff can securely access important documents using any Internet-connected device. You can also store massive amounts of data in the cloud, unlike with limited physical devices. Cloud services improve business continuity and reduce the time spent on operational issues. While physical storage is obsolete, it’s a good idea to also keep a copy of your files on a USB flash drive, CD, or DVD. Don’t depend on physical storage alone, but use it as a backup.

  • Desktop Computers

Laptops, tablet-laptop hybrids, and all-in-ones are replacing the desktop PC today. In the past, desktop PCs were viewed as the most functional devices. Today, technological advances provide laptops more functionality than ever. Manufacturers can build mobile computers with improved performance and power without adding additional weight to the hardware. In addition, laptops offer the ability to work remotely and when on the go.

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