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August 31, 2018

With over 30 support staff under our roof, MyITpros’ service department has a huge range of technical expertise. These guys have seen it all and this week, we’ve decided to share the wealth! We polled our support team- comprised of help desk, systems administrators and system engineers- and they’re giving us the tech advice they wish everyone knew! You can take it or leave it (but if you leave it, make sure you have a good managed services provider)!

If all else fails, factory reset! – Cliff, Help Desk

Set your phone to auto-lock after 30 seconds – Matt, Help Desk

Always keep your work and personal email separate – Bryan, Systems Administrator I

Look it up! It’s always better to do 5-10 minutes of researching than an hour of blind troubleshooting – Brandon, Help Desk

If you’re not paying for a service, you are not the customer you are the product! – Brian, Systems Administrator II

Enable multi-factor authentication on everything – Tom, Senior Systems Administrator

If your PC is acting weird, try restarting your computer – Danny, Help Desk

Back up, back up, and more back ups – Leo, Senior Systems Administrator

If a USB device is not working, try a different port – Ian, Systems Administrator I

If you get an email that looks off, do not click! Call your IT professional first – Chris, Systems Administrator I

Never leave your computer unlocked and unattended – Will, Systems Administrator I

Don’t go on price alone. The cheapest solution up front can cost you time and productivity in the long run – Matt, Director of Services

Not sure if you connected to the internet? Test by going to a site never visit, like cats.com – Dave, Senior Systems Administrator

Hover over any links you are thinking of clicking and ask yourself the 5 W’s (i.e. who sent the link, where it goes, what the address says) to ensure you are clicking something safe – Bryan, Help Desk

You are rarely the first person to encounter an issue. Most problems have solutions easily found with a Google search. Or of course, call MyITpros! – Chase, Help Desk

Always assume anything you put on the internet has been exposed somewhere/somehow. So be smart! – Nathan, Information Systems Manager

And finally, passwords seem to be a hot-button topic. Our techs had a lot to say:

Use a password manager to keep all your passwords secure and strong – Lance, Systems Administrator II


Don’t use the remember password feature in your browser. Otherwise, guaranteed there will come a day when you need to know it and you can’t recall it – Gregory, Help Desk

Do not use the same password for all your important logins! And try for something outside of the typical pet’s name/birthday etc. – Royal, Help Desk

Check out some more important information around passwords– you can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your data on the internet. And if we managed to dazzle you with all of our tech tips, feel free to contact us for more!

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