Why Outsourced IT Support for Baltimore and Maryland Business Owners is the Answer


October 4, 2017

As a Baltimore and Maryland region business owner, if you haven’t considered hiring an outsourced IT company, then you’ll want to read on.

The answer to the increasing costs of hiring in-house IT staff for many is outsourced IT support for Baltimore and Maryland business owners, who understand and thrive on the many benefits outsourcing offers.

Just how many benefits of IT outsourcing are there?

There are many ways that IT outsourcing can save businesses money. Let’s take a closer look at them now.

There are a few things that you should know before deciding on outsourced IT support as Baltimore and Maryland business owners.  First, you need to know the specific goal you want to accomplish through IT outsourcing.  What is the IT outsourcing going to get your business?

There are also some things you must be cautious of when outsourcing.  Nevertheless, it has become an everyday function for many companies to have outsourced IT professionals handling their computer network management.

Below are some of the key ways outsourcing IT can save you time, money, and trouble:

  • Much Lower Costs. This is one of the primary reason businesses decide to outsource.  It allows the business to get the work done for a fraction of the price.  It also allows a business to skip costs such as health insurance and vacation pay. Many people choose offshore outsourcing because they receive quality at a much lower price.  It has been researched and documented that on average, a company can save about 60% in operational costs with an outsourced service provider.
  • Skilled Experts, Without the Hassle. When you are hiring for a business it can be a challenge to find good people with skilled expertise to do the work at a reasonable rate. Outsourcing an IT service provider allows companies to be free from the hassle of in-house hiring while also getting an expert in the field – a true win-win scenario, as we see it.
  • Offers the Ability to Focus. The downside to growth is the need for more things to be done; more tasks to be delegated. Outsourced IT support for Baltimore and Maryland business owners allows us to handle your vendor management and intensive server monitoring, etc., allowing a company to avoid investing time, money, and energy that’s needed for more “fundamental” business functions.

Many Baltimore and Maryland business owners have benefited from outsourcing repetitive and redundant tasks (like site and server monitoring, network security, etc.), giving them more time and opportunity to grow their business. It will also allow you to focus because you’re paying other people to do work that isn’t inherently part of your business model and daily goals.

Already convinced, and ready to get started? Call one of our helpful Integris IT consultants today at (800) 431-2282 or email us at [email protected] for more info on Outsourced IT support for Baltimore and Maryland business owners and do yourself and your company a huge favor!

Increased Productivity and Efficiency. Having outsourced IT support for Baltimore and Maryland business owners can also improve the overall efficiency of business operations. If your business is more efficient it can only increase in its function. This opens the door to bigger expansion and new ideas, goals, objectives, etc.

Provides Risk Management. When projects are outsourced, companies can give away the liability and risk associated with the task. A good example is IT management. Outsourcing it to a managed service provider (MSP) like Integris gives a company the freedom to focus on other core activities of the business. This also saves money on the amount of liability insurance you have to pay and the risk of being sued.

Improved Customer Service. Outsourcing IT services from companies like Integris gives Baltimore and MD companies the opportunity to allow their clients 24-hour availability on certain functions and services. By choosing IT outsourcing, your customers may not have to wait until the “next business day” to access certain areas or aspects of your website or services.

You Can Focus on CRM. The time and energy which companies would have put into managing their staff can now be put into managing their customers. Opting for outsourced IT in MD with us allows Maryland businesses to give their customers hands-on attention and invest in research that will help optimize their customer experience.

These are only some of the main examples of how outsourced IT support for Baltimore and Maryland business owners will help your company succeed. The benefits are virtually endless and the proof is in the number of companies that are currently outsourcing IT services.

Need more proof that IT outsourcing is the way to go?

Cut Costs in a Radical Way

An in-house network administrator can cost your business an average of $60k per year. Of course, you may be able to find a cheaper network administrator. However, IT requires skill and expertise to be effective. Any skilled and knowledgeable network administrator will be expensive to hire.

In addition, there are additional costs on top of salary to consider. For example, holidays, health insurance, paid leave, as well as ongoing training and management overhead costs.

Outsourcing an IT partner can reduce operating costs because you don’t have to pay for benefits, training, and education costs associated with full-time in-house positions. An outsourced IT consultant is already trained and certified to handle your IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.

Stricter Compliance and Security Standards

With Integris handling your cybersecurity and compliance consulting, your firewall will be up to date we will regularly audit your workstations and servers. We’ll make sure you’ve implemented PCI, HIPAA, FINRA, and/or SOX security and compliance standards (where needed) and will work to maintain those standards continuously.

And since businesses now have more ways than ever to process many forms of payments, such as credit and debit cards, gift certificates, e-checks, wire transfers, etc., these forms of transacting also bring the need for greater security-compliance due diligence.

With qualified outsourced IT support for Baltimore and Maryland business owners, you can rest assured that your company is minimizing the risks associated with remaining compliant with things such as managing client data, credit card numbers, private information, and more.

So, how about it? Are you ready for a much higher level of IT success?

Get Outsourced IT Support for Baltimore And Maryland Business Owners Now

Integris are managed service providers in Baltimore MD who can save you a time, money, energy, and deliver a wealth of benefits along the way.

Call one of our helpful IT consultants today at (800) 431-2282 or email us at [email protected] for more info on how outsourced IT support for Baltimore and Maryland business owners will catapult you into the business success stratosphere in multiple ways!

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