Private Cloud Eliminates Downtime Typically Associated with Office Relocation


September 30, 2012

Private Cloud Eliminates Downtime Typically Associated with Office Relocation

Atlanta, GA – Integris®, a provider of IT support, strategy and services for small and medium-sized businesses, announced today that its longstanding client, Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV), has relocated its headquarters with minimal downtime, taking advantage of Integris’s private cloud. When migrating to the cloud almost a year ago, PADV immediately realized the benefits of lower cost and increased efficiency but did not foresee the positive impact it would have on moving the organization’s headquarters.

Small and medium-sized businesses are often forced to relocate when they outgrow office space or need to consolidate multiple offices into one location. For any growing organization, this can be a stressful time that presents logistical challenges and a decrease in productivity associated with moving and reconnecting servers, computers and other equipment. For PADV, Integris’s private cloud eliminated the need for physical relocation of its infrastructure and allowed employees to remotely access data and continue working with ease throughout the move.

“Relocating is a big decision and makes a significant impact on any small business,” said Hamish Davidson, president and co-founder of Integris. “With a private cloud, organizations like PADV are able to handle this challenge without the added stress of moving equipment and preserving data.” “Women and children across metro Atlanta rely on PADV 24/7 for emergency intervention, so it was imperative that we maintain access to critical data and continue operating while relocating our headquarters,” said Meagan Fulmer, president and CEO of PADV. “With Integris’s private cloud, we avoided the hassle of moving equipment and worrying that our employees would be unable to work. This made a big impact on the success of our relocation.”

About Integris

Integris provides technology expertise, services and support to Atlanta-area small and medium-sized businesses. Backed by certified technology professionals, Integris’s services include managed services, cloud computing solutions, virtualization, help desk and computer support, IT strategy, network security, backup and disaster recovery and IP telephony. Integris delivers the right mix of technology and expertise allowing its clients to focus on growing their business. To learn more about how Integris is Driving Business Through Technology and helping companies reduce costs, improve efficiency and maximize productivity, visit or follow us on Twitter.

About PADV

PADV is the largest and one of the oldest nonprofit domestic violence agencies in Georgia. Serving metro Atlanta since 1975, PADV helps to transform the lives of approximately 18,000 women and children every year through emergency intervention, violence prevention and long-term advocacy. PADV’s mission is to end the crime of intimate partner violence and empower its survivors. Visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About Intimate Partner Violence in Georgia

Intimate partner violence is widespread. In 2010, there were 130 domestic violence-related homicides in Georgia, a five percent increase over the previous year. Georgia is ranked 6th in the nation for its rate of men killing women. One in four women will experience intimate partner violence. According to the CDC, domestic violence costs more than $8.3 billion annually through increased health care costs.

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