Prescription For Fast, Reliable, Affordable Business Connectivity: More Fiber Optics


December 4, 2014


For years, businesses thrived on a steady diet of cable modem service and, for those that found it affordable, T1 lines. Then, about a decade ago, bandwidth providers started adding fiber connections to the mix. And that’s a good thing, because as the appetite for high-speed bandwidth continues to grow, a fiber optic Internet connection is becoming essential for fast, reliable, affordable service.

Every day, IT services clients call us to complain that VoIP calls are being dropped or that hosted applications are painfully slow. Once we start quizzing them, we almost always find that they’re still relying on cable modem connections. That may have worked well five years ago, but those connections often just can’t deliver the high bandwidth that today’s applications and services demand.

Three Signs It’s Time To Evaluate Your Organization’s Need For Fiber

If any of the following circumstances apply to your business, it may be a sign that it’s time to think about a fiber optic Internet connection.

1. Experiencing Sudden Service Interruptions Or Slowdowns

It happens all the time. You’re on a critical call with a client when suddenly you realize you’ve been talking for a couple of minutes, and no one’s been able to hear you. Or you’re trying to participate in an event that’s being streamed, and the video and audio are jumpy at best and completely inaccessible at worst. Even your email, IM and other everyday applications seem to be subject to frequent slowdowns or interruptions. If you’ve been experiencing these frustrations, chances are your Internet service is just not fast enough to deliver the reliable connectivity you need.

2. Using More Bandwidth-Intensive Applications

Businesses today are using more hosted applications than ever. From CRM applications like Salesforce to productivity suites such as Microsoft Office Online or Google Apps, applications in the cloud are becoming the norm for many organizations. But connecting to the cloud to access those services means connecting to the Internet – and if your Internet connection doesn’t deliver the speed you need, you’re going to have problems that are only going to get worse as you move more and more applications to the cloud. And it’s not just that companies are using business applications that create demand for more bandwidth. It’s also that they’re increasingly relying on Internet connectivity for VoIP phone service, content streaming and other bandwidth-intensive services.

3. Paying More For Less Bandwidth

Have you looked at your Internet bill lately? Do you know how much bandwidth you’re paying for and what you’re paying for it? If our experience with many clients is any indication, you probably don’t give it that much thought. But now the price of fiber has come down to the point where the amount you’re paying for that old T1 line or cable modem might be double or more what it costs to get a much faster fiber optic connection. It’s not unusual today to have a 30, 40, even 50 Mbps connection for what you used to pay – and are maybe still paying – for 10 Mbps.

Find Out If Your Business Will Benefit From Fiber Now

Not every business has to have a fiber optic Internet connection right now to operate efficiently. But make no mistake about it: one day, all businesses will use fiber optic connections. Meanwhile, you can get an informed evaluation of your current service and cost to find out whether you’ll benefit from making the change at this time. At MyITpros, we perform this type of service for clients all the time, to be sure the companies we serve are getting the connectivity they need at the right price. We analyze bills and bandwidth needs, and then act as a neutral third party to get quotes for fiber optic Internet connections. As always, we’re glad to be of help with this and other important business technology decisions; if we can be of service to you, please contact us.

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