How Proactive IT Support Saves Your Business Money


June 17, 2020

Cutting-edge doesn’t mean foolproof — your business may be using the most advanced technologies available, but this doesn’t make you completely safe from IT issues. Without proactive IT support like regular monitoring and maintenance your IT infrastructure is at risk of suffering from downtime, which can lead to significant financial losses. And if you’re still relying on the traditional break-fix model of dealing with IT issues, you’re likely to lose more money than you’d care to. 

Luckily, taking advantage of proactive IT solutions from a managed IT services provider (MSP) will ensure your business stays clear of productivity- and budget-draining IT-related downtime. Here’s what you need to know about proactive IT support. 

What is Proactive IT Support?

The break-fix model is a reactive approach to solving IT problems — support is provided in response to a situation. For instance, if an app fails to load or a computer crashes, you call your IT services provider to fix it. The next time a problem comes along, you call them again. Each time they resolve an issue for you, they charge you a fee — the larger or more complicated the fix, the more money you shell out. 

Here lies the problem with break-fix: it’s not a sustainable solution to your IT woes. If you’re addressing issues as they come up, you’re only putting a drain on your already limited resources. This spells disaster for any cash-strapped small- or medium-sized business (SMB). 

On the other hand, proactive IT support is a preventative approach. An MSP that offers proactive IT solutions will identify, analyze, and prevent issues before they arise and turn into bigger, costlier problems that can impact your entire operations. Such solutions also involve tools and services that will ensure your business runs optimally at all times.

How Can Proactive IT Support Save Your Business Money?

Proactive IT support identifies and mitigates the risks your SMB faces so you can better manage your IT infrastructure. This can lead to significant cost savings by:

  • Reducing downtime

According to Gartner, every minute of downtime can cost your business anywhere between $5,600 and $9,000 in lost productivity and revenue. If your IT guy takes an hour to get your systems back up and running, you’ll lose upwards of $300,000. But with proactive IT support, preventative measures are put in place, drastically reducing the incidence of downtime and related costs. 

An MSP can help you come up with a proactive support plan for your systems and networks. This plan would include analysis and monitoring of your systems for anomalies and vulnerabilities that could cause potential problems, all for a flat monthly fee. When problems do occur and you need to call in a technician, you won’t have to pay an extra cent — repairs and troubleshooting, whether on- or off-site, are all included in your plan. You cut out emergency spending due to IT issues that result in downtime with proactive IT support.

  • Increasing Machine Efficiency

Over time, your computers and other equipment will suffer from wear and tear, which could lead to lower efficiency. Your machines could be using up more energy than they would if they were optimized, resulting in ballooning utility bills and other operating expenses. 

Properly implemented, preventative maintenance will keep your IT equipment in peak efficiency and increase its speed, performance, and reliability. Your MSP will schedule and carry out regular maintenance tasks on your computers, printers, and network devices. They’ll also update your operating systems and other software as soon as patches become available so that bugs and glitches are eliminated before these can disrupt your operations. 

  • Extending the Life of Equipment

Regular preventative maintenance will extend the lifespan of your machines so you get the most out of your investment. Well-maintained devices last years longer, and it’s a lot cheaper to perform preventative maintenance than to swap out burnt-out parts or purchase replacements every year. 

Eventually, though, your equipment will need to be replaced. Your partner MSP can help you choose the right technology for your needs and set it up in a way that will deliver long-term value to your business. They will take into account both your current and future requirements, giving you the flexibility to grow your business efficiently and sustainably. With reliable, scalable IT supported by proactive maintenance, your business will always maintain its competitive edge.

  • Keeping Data Secure and Compliant

If your business operates in a regulated industry such as finance, banking, or healthcare, you need proactive support to safeguard your customers’ data from cyberthreats and keep you compliant with privacy and security regulations. 

From regularly monitoring your systems to setting up advanced cybersecurity solutions, an MSP will keep an eye out for threats and weaknesses that may put your business at risk of violating industry standards or falling victim to a data breach. You can rest easy knowing that they’ll take care of any issues before they get worse and cost you thousands of dollars in fines and damages. 

How Much Does Proactive IT Support Cost?

It depends on a number of factors, including the number of computers and other devices your business has, as well as requirements specific to your business and/or industry. But one thing’s for sure: you’ll be charged a predictable, all-inclusive flat rate every month. This makes budgeting much easier so you can allocate your resources more efficiently toward investments that will boost your bottom line. 

You may choose co-managed services instead of outsourcing all your IT needs. Co-managed services is a hybrid solution that allows an MSP to work alongside your existing IT department. Choosing co-managed services is a way to boost you internal IT department while saving money on reliable IT services. (Want to learn more about co-managed services? Download A CEO’s Guide to Co-Managed Services and see if this hybrid, money saving solution is the right fit for your business).

Iconic IT Provides the Proactive Support Small to Medium-Sized Business Need

Iconic IT doesn’t believe in skimping on coverage for our clients. Unlike most MSPs that offer bare-bones services, we have plans as vast as the national parks they are named after. To us, anything else is underserving. We give you have the guidance and supplies you need, like a park ranger helping you through the forests and mountains of your IT issues and needs.

For proactive IT support and other solutions that will maximize your SMB’s cost savings and keep it profitable, turn to Iconic IT. We provide a full range of comprehensive IT services designed to help SMBs in Wichita, Denver, Dallas, Bonita Springs, Rochester, and Buffalo achieve their goals while reducing costs and downtime. To learn more about all the ways we can help you, email us at [email protected].

Contact Iconic IT for a free, no risk, no obligation consultation with a complimentary dark web scan to help you understand where your current security gaps are.

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