Proactive Vs. Reactive IT Support: What Is Best For Your Business?


July 7, 2015

The average IT worker makes $60,000/year.

it support

For an experienced IT professional that that can provide truly expert advice, you’ll need to spring for a CIO, who make an average salary of $150,000/year.
Those figures might be no problem to enterprises that have a lot of funds to throw around, but many SMBs just don’t have the budget to add those salaries to their payroll.

Reactive Support Leads to Costly Disaster
Since a lot of SMBs can’t afford in-house IT help they’ll take the break/fix approach instead, forgoing any kind of support until they absolutely need it because something breaks.
That approach will indeed save you some money in the short-term. But those savings will be offset and then some by the disaster that will eventually strike your business due to the inherent neglect of the reactive, break/fix IT support model.
Neglect your equipment and eventually hardware will fail on you, and hardware failure results in downtime that takes away the tools your employees need to get their jobs done.
Neglect to actively protect your network from web-based threats and eventually you’ll be struck by one of the hundreds of millions of new pieces of malware that are created every year. If your network is infected and data loss is involved, you’re in big trouble: it’ll cost you an average of $150 per compromised file to recover from data loss, and with thousands of files compromised in the average attack you’re looking at a six or seven-figure hit to recover from just one online security breach.

Integris is Better than Break/Fix and Actually Affordable
In-house IT workers aren’t your only option for a proactive IT solution.
You could use Integris instead.
We believe in preventative maintenance over reactive support. We’ll keep track of your equipment and replace hardware before it fails, so you won’t have to deal with any productivity and revenue-killing downtime. Also, we’ll regularly assess your network to find and fix vulnerabilities before they’re taken advantage of by cybercriminals.
With Integris you get access to an entire team of experienced IT professionals who know how to take care of your network, all at a flat rate that’s much more affordable than the wages and benefits you’d have to invest in a single in-house employee.

Give us a call at (888) 330-8808 or send a message over to [email protected] for more information about our IT support.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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