ProviDyn Launches Offering for Professional Service Firms


September 30, 2013

Managed Services Provider Helps Professional Services Firms Leverage Technology

Integris®, a provider of IT support, strategy and services for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits, today announced a new managed services offering that leverages its deep experience in successfully meeting the unique technology needs of professional services firms. This launch follows the success of Integris’s vertical offering for nonprofit organizations that was launched last year.

For professional services firms, business is a never-ending cycle of intense meetings and mountains of documents, leaving no room for errors or downtime. Through its years of experience in working with these firms, Integris understands that they have several needs that are different from those of other small and mid-sized businesses and created an offering to help:

  • Maximize productivity: Keep partners and associates performing at the highest level. With the right technology in place, productivity can be improved by as much as 40 percent. Integris has deep expertise with the highest value software solutions specific to professional services including project, case or engagement management, as well as document imaging, and document management.
  • Access data anywhere, at anytime: Allow partners and associates the ability to access critical client or project records from wherever they are – not just the office, but also at home and onsite. Integris’s mobile solutions ensure that they can do so quickly and easily.
  • Protect intellectual capital: Store valuable project, case, or engagement-related files and client records, including e-mail messages, attachments and scanned images, in a secure, centralized repository and safely back-up in a secure off-site location where they will be readily recoverable whenever required.
  • Ensure compliance: Maintain records and rest easily knowing that data is automatically backed up to ensure compliance with federal or state mandated policies and client service agreements.

“For professional services firms, budgeting for IT systems and managing them is difficult because their IT needs are based on the size and nature of their client base, which is unpredictable and constantly changing,” said Hamish Davidson, president and CEO of Integris. “We have a great deal of experience in helping meet this challenge and also know that professional services firms especially, require reliable technology that won’t detract from serving and keeping their clients happy.”

About Integris

Integris provides technology expertise, services and support to help small and mid-sized organizations sustain growth and strengthen performance. Backed by technology experts, Integris helps organizations gain the full benefits of existing technology, make strategic investments in implementing new technology and maintain an infrastructure that is secure, reliable and flexible. Integris offers managed services, mobile computing, IT strategy, virtualization, cloud computing, business continuity, network security and IP telephony. To learn more about how Integris is Driving Business Through Technology and helping companies reduce costs, improve efficiency and maximize productivity, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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