ProviDyn Launches ProviDyn Sync, Secure Cloud Based File Storage


May 3, 2013

Managed services provider brings clients the benefit of securely accessing files and collaborating from anywhere

Integris®, a provider of IT support, strategy and services for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations, today announced Integris Sync, secure, cloud based file storage that will allow its clients to access files at home, in the office or on any mobile device, including iOS and Android devices.

Collaboration is increasingly important in today’s mobile workforce, along with accessing and syncing documents between devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. While there are consumer cloud products available, they are hosted publicly, meaning that everyone shares the same encryption key, which can be a big problem for a business. If that encryption key is compromised, all of businesses’ documents, their clients’ documents and any of the user’s personal documents are vulnerable. With Integris Sync, clients are provided with an encryption key that is exclusive to their business and documents, and not shared with anyone.

Along with the convenience, collaboration and added data protection, Integris Sync offers:

Universal file access; sync across stationary and mobile devices: Eliminates dependency on FTPs, VPNs, or file servers.

448-bit Blowfish encryption on-device and in-transit: Offers the highest level of security for any cloud platform, ensuring that sensitive documents (contracts, designs, client history) are safe from hacking and breaches.

Private encryption key management: Eliminates the need to worry about data loss.

Remote wipes of endpoints and mobile devices: Allows clients to perform remote wipes of desktops for clients, former employees and rogue employees.

Custom deleted file retention periods: Enables clients to conveniently extend or shorten deleted file retention periods and never lose a file again.

Granular user-access and security controls: Allows for policies to be set for individuals within a company, including which employees can share files, can delete files and revisions, can access certain files, and what types of files they can upload.

Revised file backup: Stores file revisions, which allows employees to collaborate without worry.

Managed file sharing for internal/external parties: Allows for sharing files with external parties through Integris Sync and through unique web addresses. Integris Sync also allows companies to monitor the files shared within the company and externally.

Multiple folder backup (Documents, Desktop, Pictures, etc.): Syncs all different file types, including the ability to backup entire folders and the files within them.

“Many of our clients start out with one of the more popular consumer options for file access, sharing and syncing, but soon realize these products are not secure or robust enough to meet their needs,” said Hamish Davidson, president and CEO of Integris. “We are looking forward to bringing the benefits of cloud based file storage with the added security and features required for businesses to run more efficiently.”

About Integris

Integris provides technology expertise, services and support to help small and mid-sized organizations sustain growth and strengthen performance. Backed by technology experts, Integris helps organizations gain the full benefits of existing technology, make strategic investments in implementing new technology and maintain an infrastructure that is secure, reliable and flexible. Integris offers managed services, mobile computing, IT strategy, virtualization, cloud computing, business continuity, network security and IP telephony. To learn more about how Integris is Driving Business Through Technology and helping companies reduce costs, improve efficiency and maximize productivity, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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