Radical Candor: What You Need To Hear


December 21, 2016

Updated: Nov. 20, 2018

Rethink your professional communication standards

Work environments

employ a great deal of our time and involve many social interactions. Most of us spend at least 40 hours a week with fellow co-workers, vendors, and clients. We could not expect to spend that much time with individuals without conflict, difficult relationships, and people we struggle to like. That’s the result of being around people.

These social dynamics and your ability to navigate them play a major role in your personal success. They also affect a business’s success. Think about how much time and energy is often wasted navigating office politics and circumventing ineffective vendors or employees. And the inevitable result is the firing of an employee or failed business or unhappy clients.

But how do you change what often seems to spiral out of control before you can do anything about it? It requires something radical and Kim Scott has spent her career developing her philosophy around it–radical candor. Integris has adopted this mentality as a key component of its work culture because it fundamentally shifts the way we interact with each other in the work environment, allowing us to care while challenging each other to grow.

Check out this video by Candor, Inc. for an introduction to Radical Candor

Here’s a more in-depth talk by Kim Scott, featuring some of her own personal experiences with Radical Candor, how it changed her career, and how you can implement in your workplace.

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