RagnarLocker Group Takes Out Ad on Facebook to Shame Victim


November 10, 2020

Ransomware is a huge threat right now. It’s everywhere you look. Business after business is falling to the plight. We’ve been covering this for years. If you’re expecting that to change for the better anytime soon, I’ve got some bad news for you…

Krebs on Security is reporting that the team behind RagnarLocker has taken out an ad campaign on Facebook to put pressure on the Campari Group, an Italian beverage vendor, that fell victim to a ransomware attack last week. (READ STORY HERE)

The hacked account in question belongs to Hodson Event Entertainment and Chris Hodson, a Chicago-area deejay. According to Hodson the hacking group only budgeted $500 for the campaign, and Facebook notified him early this morning. He’s currently only out $35 and expects the company to refund him that soon.

Hodson said it’s likely attackers were able to access his account because he had forgotten to turn on 2-step authentication.

According to the article, Fabian Wosar, the CTO of Emisoft said this isn’t the only tactic ransomware groups are using to try and force victims to pay up. He said they’re also leveraging Indian call centers to phone businesses and threaten them with a data leak if they don’t cut them a check.

What a world we live in.

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Carl Keyser is the Content Manager at Integris.

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