Reopening Your Business? This is The Perfect Time for an IT Consultation


June 16, 2020

You’ve wiped off the printer, emptied out the breakroom fridge, and caught up on your Joke of the Day Calendar. Is there something you’re forgetting? (Hint: it’s your IT). Something you rely on every day? (Hint: it’s your IT). Something that may have been neglected for months while your business was closed? (Hint: it’s your IT). Something that needs a little attention? (Hint: it’s your IT). We won’t leave you in suspense; it’s your IT, and reopening your business is the perfect time for an IT consultation.

(Want to get a jump start on your network preparedness? Download this free, comprehensive network checklist for reopening your business.)

What is an IT Consultation?

If you’re unlucky enough to get on the wrong side of the IRS, you’ll get a tax audit. Tax audits are no fun; anxiously clutching a grocery bag full of receipts and files, and sweating nervously while an unsympathetic government agent reviews every deduction your neighbor told you was a “good idea” for your tax returns three years ago, is anything but relaxing. Do you hear that? Your checkbook is crying for mercy, but chances are that unsmiling tax reviewer has already had a bad morning before you even sat down. There will be no mercy for you.

An IT consultation and audit is far less intimidating. A friendly IT professional reviews your plan, your tech, your cybersecurity platforms, and all the other bits and pieces of your IT infrastructure. Coffee, friendly conversation, and a frank look at your technologies and plans is a stress-free way to pass an hour.

The aim of a professional IT consultation is to see if your policies and plans are protecting your assets and data while making sure your current strategies are aligned with your overall business goals. It goes deeper than physical security controls; an IT consultation looks at the “bigger picture,” including your expenses, with an eye to identifying budget draining tech you don’t need and platforms that could be changed or improved.

Still not convinced? Read here for ways an IT consultation will save your business money.

Why Do I Need an IT Consultation?

It sounds so complex, doesn’t it? You should be able to turn on the machine, enter your password, and work uninterrupted until it’s time to go home. In fact, right before you were forced to close your doors earlier this year, that’s exactly what happened…usually. Everyone has some network slowing on occasion, right? The crashing and bogging are just part of life.

Here’s a shocker: no one should have to restart their computer eight times a day because of a frozen network or program. Read that again: it’s not normal to have network disruptions be a daily part of life for your employees. Downtime is a ridiculous, and usually preventable, productivity killer.

An IT consultation identifies the things that are getting in the way of a smooth user experience and plans a roadmap for overcoming these obstacles. Imagine a world where your employees log on and get their work done; that would be a dream come true. An IT consultation helps you reach that dream.

Uncover Outdated Controls, Systems, Hardware and Software

What if your sluggish network is the result of outdated tech and devices, expired software, or incompatible programs? An IT consultation will help you identify the things that you can change right now to get your network running at optimal efficiency.

Improve Your Customer’s Experience

What if your experience is being shared by your customers? You have a limited amount of time to catch a consumer’s attention; three seconds, on average, for a mobile device user to wait for your page to load. If your network is down, your customers will most likely be having issues, too. Listen; that’s your wallet crying for mercy again. Your customers will be just as unforgiving as your tax assessor; if your pages aren’t up or they are loading slowly, customers will move on to a competitor’s site without a second thought.

Regulatory Compliance

What if we told you the IRS is a pack of kittens compared to other governmental agencies? If you don’t believe us, you’ve obviously never been on the wrong side of HIPAA.

Industry standards and regulations are no joke. As soon as you think you’ve mastered their game, they change the rules…again. As many police shows from the 90’s taught us, “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” That means that if you’re in violation because you were unaware that regulations changed, you’re still guilty as charged. An IT consultation considers your industry and measures your current plans against the metric of the governmental regulations that rule your world.

Cyber Risk Insurance

Cyber risk insurance is more than a “pretty good idea.” In today’s everchanging cyber threat landscape, it’s a necessity. Consider an IT consultation to be your physical; your health insurance requires you to get the “ok” from your doctor, and your cyber risk insurance will require an IT consultation before issuing a policy.

“Pre-existing conditions,” like weak cybersecurity strategies, will guarantee you will not be getting a policy or will end up paying far too much for insurance.

Data Backups

Sally didn’t mean to hit delete, but she did. Luckily, you have tested your backup plan and found it to be a reliable way to restore deleted or corrupted files. Within an hour (or far less), you have that file back and Sally knocks the client presentation out of the park. You toast Sally’s success in landing the multi-million-dollar deal.


Hugh didn’t mean to hit delete, but he did. Now the Smith file is gone forever, hanging out in the great cyber dumpster in the sky. You haven’t tested your backups in a while; you’re not even sure where those files are stored. Your competition swoops in like a hungry shark and lands the Smith account. There will be no victory toast today.

An IT consultation will assess your backup and recovery solutions and evaluate your Business Continuity Plan. In a world of Hughes, be a Sally.

Keep Your Employees in the Loop

Iconic IT is fond of reminding our small to medium-sized businesses that employees are the first line of defense. They are the ones facing the spammy emails, the calls to click infected links, the weak passwords, and spoofing practices.

An IT consultation allows your employees to see their weaknesses so they are better prepared to help you protect your network, and show you the best ways to move forward with a cybersecurity awareness training program for all employees.

Why is Reopening Your Business the Perfect Time for an IT Consultation?

Your defenses are down now. You have outdated software, uninstalled updates and security patches, expired passwords, and a lax security mindset among your employees.

In addition, you probably aren’t considering that third-party vendors will be vying for your attention. This is a great time to look at your contracts and renegotiate your agreements.

Your IT department will be stretched to the limit, cleaning up tickets from your day to day operations. Do you have the time or resources to re-evaluate your current IT strategies? A professional IT consultation is your chance to take an in-depth look at your current plans, policies and solutions and see what is working, what needs tweaking, and what is no longer effective in your strategies.

This is the chance to assess your network and potentially save money.

Iconic IT: More IT Consultation, No Hit on Your Wallet

Iconic IT knows that businesses don’t have a lot of money for an IT consultation, but we also know that an IT consultation is the best way to safeguard your business. That’s why we’re offering a free IT consultation to businesses.

Our IT consultation is more than just a brief glance at your strategies; we provide an in-depth look at your infrastructure, IT budget, business goals, and solutions.

We also know that a few months of disuse of a network can lead to a host of cyber threats. We are including a dark web scan for your small to medium-sized business to make sure you are starting on a level playing field.

Ready to reopen your business safely? Ready to reach peak performance with your network? Let Iconic IT conduct your free, no obligation IT consultation for your business; the time has never been better.

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