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February 20, 2020

Integris is kind of a big deal in the MSP industry. Our employees, techs and executives are requested all over the nation for speaking engagements and events. 

Our speakers are experts in their fields and are passionate about their specialties. 

Meet a Couple of Integris’s Speakers 

All our speakers love sharing their knowledge and expertise in front of any sized crowd. Here are just a few of our highly respected speakers: 

Chris Hoose, VP of Finance 

Chris enjoys speaking on subjects relating to IT support for small businesses and cybersecurity, but he also enjoys speaking about work culture. 

He explains, “My favorite part of speaking engagements is the one on one conversations I get to have afterwards.” 

He has been spotted at events such as the Robin Robins Q4 Producers Club Meeting in December of 2019 in Orlando Florida, where his topic was “How to Build Value in an MSP Company.” 

Prior to that, he was seen at the Channel Pro SMB Forums in 2019 in San Jose as well as in Newark, November of 2019.  Chris was part of a panel speaking about “Everything as a Service.”  

Chris Hoose also took part in the September 2019 Pax8 Mission Briefing in Seattle, where he discussed high growth MSPs. 

Sitima Fowler, VP of Marketing, IntegrisSitima Fowler, General Manager 

Sitima Fowler is a General Manager at Integris and enjoys speaking at events nationwide. Her most recent event was an invitation to be a part of a panel with Datto, one of the leading back-up providers in the industry. You can listen to her podcast of this event here.  

Sitima’s enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the industry make her a popular choice for speaking engagements. 

Matt Lee, Director of Technology, IntegrisMatt Lee, Director of Technology 

As a tech guru for Integris, Matt Lee can deliver valuable insights into all things tech-related, including: 

  • Technology Transformation 
  • Platform as a Service 
  • Identity 
  • Security / Threats 
  • The Maturing MSP and overall Technical Landscape 
  • Self Regulation

Matt says that when it comes to presenting in front of an audience, “I love being able to help others see a vision that can change the way we impact our clients and partners lives and businesses. When someone comes up and says, that really inspired me, or I can use that! It makes the vulnerability of being on stage or speaking about a vision or idea worth the effort and risk.” 

Matt’s most recent speaking engagements were:  

  • Navigate 2018 Boston 
  • WatchGuard 2019 
  • Navigate 2019 Las Vegas 
  • Navigate 2019 Pittsburg 
  • ConnectWise RKO 2020 Tampa 

So far in 2020, Matt Lee is scheduled for 6 Wingman Mission Briefings in Dallas, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, Boston, New York. He serves on several advisory committees in order to be deeply integrated into what the future holds in tech tools from our vendor partners, as well as to shape them for the betterment of all MSP’s.

Great. Another Sales Pitch? 

Our speakers love what they do, and while they represent Integris, they do not promote the company for sales purposes during their speaking engagements. They simply love to educate! 

Our speakers can be booked, free of charge, for your event.  

What Topics Can Be Covered When I Request an Integris Speaker? 

With as many speakers as Integris can provide, there is a nearly unlimited supply of material to choose from. You can request IT related topics, including: 

  • Live Hacking Demo
  • Cyber Security – How to Protect Yourself and Your Business 
  • Components of A Great Employee Security Awareness Training  
  • When to Outsource: IT Solutions for Small Businesses  
  • Protecting the Kingdom: Cyber Security for Small Businesses 

Integris also feature speakers who specialize in non-tech topics, such as: 

  • Make Work Enjoyable Again: Building a Company with Great Culture 
  • Creating an Engaged Culture in the Workplace 
  • High Tech, Low Tech and NOT Tech Ways to Increase Staff Communication, Productivity, and Company Culture 

We can help you choose the topics and speakers you need to make your next event engaging, educational and successful. 

Contact Integris to Book Your Speakers Now! 

Want more information? Integris can match a speaker to your event, free of charge. Contact us today and make your next event your best event. 

Request an Integris Speaker for your next event

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