Case Studies

Integris Case Studies

Learn how we have helped other businesses achieve success through technology.

A staffing agency streamlines its phone system with Teams Voice and Integris.

Learn how Integris set up a modern phone solution with Teams Voice to create a better experience for the Staffing the Universe team.

An office move goes smoothly on Day 1 with Integris.

In a 48-hour window, Integris ensured the tech behind-the-scenes of a move was executed perfectly.

A total technology transfer goes smoothly with Integris planning.

After divesting, an organization needed to (re)create everything. Enter Integris.

A marketing company upgrades for the future with Integris.

When CMA decided to go digital, they realized their technology needed a boost too.

Transitioning from Internal IT

DefinedLogic turned to Integris for an analysis of their current IT environment.

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