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HIPAA Compliance and Cybersecurity: Why You Need Both

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Thursday, August 18
2 PM EST (1 PM CST, 12 PM MST)

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HIPAA compliance is not just about the doctors.

While healthcare providers, healthcare clearinghouses, and health insurance providers collect, create, and transmit Protected Health Information (PHI) electronically, these “covered entities” do not operate in a vacuum. Any organization that encounters PHI when working with covered entities is vulnerable and liable.

SIEM Security Event and Information Management

Healthcare is a big deal.

According to Gartner Group, healthcare and compliance are the fastest growing sectors of the US economy. Thanks to the explosion of cybercrime, multiple industries face increasing risk: Financial, Legal, CPA, Chiropractic, Medical Equipment Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Document Management, IT providers, and more.

Technology is not usually the problem.

While having a secure and compliant IT stack is a never-ending journey, human error is 82% percent of the problem: lost devices, malware, phishing attacks, or staff disabling security features. Even worse, 26% of IT staff fail to follow policies and procedures.

SIEM Security Event and Information Management

It all starts with a Security Risk Analysis.

Every company can make improvements. After all, the leading cause of security breaches and large HIPAA fines is believing your current security is “good enough.” Join us for a deep dive into the 6 elements of a Security Risk Analysis so you can confidently achieve compliance, illustrate compliance, and maintain compliance.

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