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Integris & CalTech: Better Together Serving Community Banks Nationwide

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Community banks and credit unions deserve a national MSP

Join Integris as we celebrate our recent merger with CalTech, and our plans to serve community banks and credit unions nationwide.

With nearly 700 employees in 11 states, combining two of the largest IT MSPs into one will strengthen the performance of financial institutions with:

  • An expanded local presence for rapid onsite service dispatch
  • Large bank technology that empowers community banks and credit unions to stay independent
  • A national network of virtual chief information security officers, the IT industry’s most elite cybersecurity experts
  • Enhanced IT system administration and compliance expertise in your community

Our panelists will discuss a variety of regulation, compliance, and cybersecurity initiatives.

Our panel

Rashaad Bajwa and the Premium MSP

Rashaad Bajwa


Rashaad Bajwa and the Premium MSP

Will Welch

Mentor, Integris
Former CEO, CalTech