Integris Virtual Discussion

Whiskey, Chocolate & Cybersecurity Experience

A virtual discussion and event with Integris and ConnectWise.

Watch the full event above.

If you have received a link to this event, you’re on the exclusive list of invitees to a first-ever educational event for Integris—one that brings a whiskey tasting, a chocolate tasting, and mission-critical cybersecurity news, right to you!

And best of all—you don’t even have to leave your desk! We ship the chocolate and whiskey straight to your door! Simply sip, sample and savor during a live, guided tasting, held virtually. Why not treat yourself after a long day of work, and come away with insider cybersecurity information, too? Sponsored by ConnectWise and Integris, the event will give you the latest expert advice on Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)—a high-end cybersecurity tool that finds the hackers in your systems that other tools don’t catch. You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind event!

SIEM Security Event and Information Management


Jay Ryerse

Vice President of Global Security Sales

Franck Mounier

Whisky Educator & Founder
Whisky Gourmet

Moderated by Anthony DeGraw, Vice President of Sales for Integris