Getting SaaSy with SECaaS


June 11, 2018

Your business is at major risk of cyber-attacks, malware infection, and ransomware. So, why not switch on that old firewall you never configured? An astonishingly large group of people will deactivate their firewall shortly after activation. Why, you wonder? Simply because they don’t understand how to configure its settings, therefore blocking themselves out of important websites, and even their own pages.

That’s the equivalent of having a burglar alarm installed in your home, and never activating it when the house is empty. Fortunately for clients of Integris, firewalls are not only configured and updated regularly by our skilled Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) team, but it’s only one component in a whole slew of security measures we take to protect our clients’ technology from being penetrated by a black-hat criminal. We take SECaaS SERiouslY.

Think about SECaaS as lasagna, with layers and layers of ingredients coming together to create one ultimate dish. At first glance, lasagnas are all very similar; noodles, marinara, cheese, some seasonings. Sure, nearly every Italian restaurant and home-style eatery serve it, but every place has its own secret recipe; and some security lasagna recipes are bigger and better than others. Though similar, no SECaaS provider’s security lasagna is the same.

Our SECaaS solution is actually five protective, cheesy layers deep, covering every base from content filtering to live network monitoring.

1: Network Antivirus and Antimalware

Your antivirus and antimalware programs are the very first line of defense against cyber threats. Typically, they’re only able to catch 10% to 40% of all threats that attempt to break through your security measures. Without regular updates, your antivirus might even fail to catch 10% of threats.

With the proper maintenance, your antivirus net can easily catch the higher percentage of cyber threats before they can even reach your other, stronger security levels. We will ensure that your antivirus and antimalware software is up to date and always operating at optimal capacity.

2: Up-To-Date Firewall Hardware

Buckle up, we’re gonna talk about firewalls some more.

In addition to inactive firewalls being a hindrance to your cyber security measures, an outdated or un-updated firewall is about as useful as leaving the key to your front door under the welcome mat. While older cyber threats might not have been updated to understand the generic key-under-the-mat hiding spot and can be caught, newer malware won’t have any problem slipping right past the door and into your device.

Our SECaaS service provides firewall security as a subscription service, allowing us to change and reconfigure your firewall regularly in order to keep it functioning at optimal capacity, ensuring that it prevents all cyber threats, new and old, from getting any further into your network.

3: Email and Internet Content Filters

Do you always know where a link in an email will send you?

News flash, you likely don’t.

“Phishing” emails appear to be sent from a credible, reliable person or business; it could seem to be from a co-worker, a family member, or even a representative for a prospective client to your business. Sure, their email address says “[email protected],” but you know this person yourself, so there’s totally nothing to be concerned about. The email will likely contain a seemingly normal, harmless external link, reading as being for some typical website’s blog or someone’s Facebook page; until you hover over the link with the cursor, and the pop-up description shows the link’s landing page URL as “www.malware_infested_site.bye.”

A well-configured email on Integris’s SECaaS program can eliminate up to 98% of phishing emails and virus threats before you can even receive them. Internet content filters have become a must-have for all computers connected to the Internet, and are especially useful to businesses who rely heavily on email communication.

4: Network Monitoring

You can buy the best security cameras in the country installed in your business’s buildings, but if no one’s watching the live feed, what good are they really doing? The very same can be said for network security; you could be using state-of-the-art tools to protect your network, but if no one is monitoring the traffic, it won’t do your business any good.

With our SECaaS solutions, our team of cyber security experts will be using the most sophisticated security tools on the market to guard your network, testing security strength and preventing intrusions in real-time. Consider us your personal network bodyguards.

5: White Hat Social Engineering

Unfortunately, the one thing SECaaS can’t change is the occurrence of human error. No amount of filtering, testing, and monitoring can completely prevent a person from mistakenly clicking on a bad link. Cyber threats are constantly evolving, always adapting to security trends and increasing in sophistication.

Ironically, in the face of the probability of human error, the best firewall is a vigilant employee.

Using White Hat Social Engineering, we will help to train your employees on what to look for in order to recognize a phishing email or link, as well as how to identify possible weak points in your network security, giving you the best firewall of all; The Human Firewall.

How can Integris Help?Our premier SECaaS solutions are built on an incredibly sophisticated software called SonicWall (this is where that SaaS comes into play). Not only is SonicWall the only firewall provider that offers SECaaS, but Integris is the only certified distributor of the program in the region, making it the highest-ranked distributor of SonicWall in Northeastern U.S. If our five-point SECaaS solution didn’t impress you, we know that will.

We know it sounds too good to be true, but our SECaaS program is only the first of our five cyber security services. Even more security, custom-fitted to your company’s needs? How could you NOT want to learn more about our cyber security services? Don’t worry — we’ll tell you everything you want to know!

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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