Security Awareness Training


March 17, 2019

Security Awareness & Cybersecurity Training

One of the factors that IT systems rely heavily on for security is security awareness. Security awareness may seem like such a simple concept but the reality is that few fully comprehend how their actions might compromise devices, IT systems, and networks.

Take, for instance, the standard company’s security protocols:

  • Antivirus software
  • Firewall
  • Passwords of some form of complexity
  • Possibly even 24/7 remote activity monitoring

How common is Security Awareness Training?

Training employees how to establish unique and complex passwords using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters is one thing, but training employees to increase awareness of their IT systems usage and their surroundings is different. This involves changing user behavior at a fundamental level.

Applying a set group of practices and principles to user activity to adapt to the user, no matter their learning level, is a challenge, but one for which a company must succeed for successful security standards.

The knowledge and attitude employees have regarding protecting IT systems and maintaining security standards for a company are what a company’s IT systems security depends on!

Every formal Security Awareness Training process should include the following:

  • Understanding employee responsibilities in accessing and handling secure data
  • Requirements for the transmission, storage, and potential destruction of this data
  • How to establish the most secure passwords and a company’s authentication policy
  • Understanding of security concerns like phishing, malware, viruses, etc.
  • Workplace physical security, including knowledge of who should have access and when

What’s equally important is for employees to understand what can happen if just one team member fails in any of these areas. Employees are truly the first line of defense for any company, and it’s so easy for companies to arm employees with the proper tools to protect a company’s most sensitive asset: information. Avoid catastrophic consequences by outlining processes for Security Awareness Training.

As more companies move to the cloud and involve the Internet in storage, transmission, and access for data, it’s critical for employees to embrace increasing security standards.

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