RMM Software & Tools

RMM software for 24/7 workstation, network, and server monitoring

Remote Monitoring & Management tools from Integris give you proactive security coverage.

Infrastructure monitoring with RMM tools allows us to continuously keep track of workstations, networks, and servers for any breaches, system failures, or missing patches. This aggressive IT monitoring strategy leverages RMM software to detect, diagnose and repair problems before they affect your systems and cause aggravating and untimely productivity issues.  


Different Types of RMM 

Efficient monitoring of your infrastructure with RMM covers three primary and integrated platforms: workstation monitoring, network monitoring, and server monitoring. Having 24/7 RMM for all three platforms is essential for a comprehensive IT monitoring strategy. Each piece of the infrastructure monitoring puzzle fits with the next to make sure your systems are running at peak efficiency.  


24/7 Workstation RMM  

Employee devices and hardware are the first things that may cause network issues. RMM for Workstations makes sure all physical workstations are working efficiently. Implementing 24/7 workstation RMM software ensures all your hardware is working correctly, all software is compatible, and any potential hardware failure is identified and fixed before causing issues. Additionally, monitoring your workstations with RMM tools helps ensure resource availability, timely patch updates, and assurance that security features are keeping your network protected.  


24/7 Network RMM 

Your network is full of multiple components, such as software, databases, operating systems, shared data, etc. Failure of even one piece can cause headaches for the entire network. Network RMM keeps track of each part of your computer system and programs to ensure they work together efficiently. If any part of the network fails, a solid network RMM strategy will help identify and troubleshoot the issue before it causes unplanned downtime. Network RMM keeps track of outdated, slow, and poorly performing programs so we can upgrade them before problems ensue.  


There are seven categories of network RMM:  

  1. Performance RMM: Makes sure your employees and customers can access your network  
  1. Error RMM: Keeps track of errors in the network infrastructure and sends alerts when there is an elevated level of mistakes compromising the network  
  1. Database RMM: Makes sure your databases are running smoothly and scans for weaknesses 
  1. Security RMM: Keeps your system updated and protected from potential cyberattacks  
  1. Resource RMM: Ensures your IT resources provide leverage to maximize performance  
  1. Log RMM: Keeps track of IT system events  
  1. Availability RMM: Makes sure all IT systems are available  


24/7 Server RMM  

Server RMM covers and measures system resource usage. The software monitors memory, CPU usage, processes, missing security patches, and more. A slow or failing server means your employees can’t use applications. Having 24/7 server RMM ensures all systems are running cohesively and backed up in case of a server failure.  


Why Your Business Needs 24/7 Workstation, Network, and Server RMM from Integris 

Your network needs are constantly changing, and you need a 24/7 network RMM platform to meet the challenge. Off-the-shelf RMM solutions are not enough for your business network; you need a personalized RMM strategy that is efficient, thorough, and affordable.  

  Integris provides 24/7 workstation, network, and server RMM packages customized for your business. Your business can’t afford unreliable “one-size-fits-all” coverage. From remote services to 24/7 customer support, the Integris team has your network covered with an advanced RMM toolset. 

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