Web Filtering Solutions

Managed web filtering protects your business from the inside out.

Secure web filtering stops sophisticated cyber threats before they stop you.

Web filtering blocks access to malicious websites

Web filtering, AKA DNS filtering, adds a solid layer of defense against the sophisticated cyber threats targeting your network and data.

By policing individual user requests to visit websites, DNS plays traffic cop, approving access to safe sites and blocking users from reaching malicious URLs.

Integris monitors and manages all web filter settings so they align with your acceptable use policies, cybersecurity frameworks, and compliance requirements.

With advanced network security and AI, we ensure your team securely connects to the internet with confidence on any device – anywhere, anytime.

DNS web filtering is another layer of protection similar to antivirus 

 Without DNS filtering, your employees are more likely to visit malicious sites or access questionable content on company devices. Both activities increase exposure to computer viruses and malware.  

Web filtering decreases your risk by: 

  • Blocking malicious IP addresses 
  • Thwarting damage from phishing websites even after an employee clicks on a compromised link 
  • Preventing users from accessing questionable material on protected devices 
  • Providing ongoing assessments of new and changing sites 
  • Making it easier for users to make the right choices when accessing websites 

Block attacks and threats 

Our web filtering services use predictive intelligence and machine learning to automate protection against emerging threats before they reach your users. 

Predictive security enforcement 

Your time is valuable. Our web filtering services make it fast and easy to identify abnormal botnet traffic, malware blocks, or content filtering blocks. 

Superior threat detection 

Integris web filtering services protect your company’s reputation and assets by blocking malware, botnets, and phishing over any port, protocol, or app and containing advanced attacks before they cause damage.  

Advanced protection 

We provide 60 content categories and an unlimited number of custom block or allow lists. 

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