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January 28, 2016

4 Influxes Your Network Needs to Expect Sooner Rather than Later

Unanticipated growth for your company can be great! For many companies, however, unanticipated means unplanned for. It’s not enough to hope that your network can accommodate all of the extra traffic and needs being thrown at it.

Computer Networks

Planning for your network and IT infrastructure to grow with your company is simple, and can ensure that you avoid the significant setbacks caused by:

Overloading Your Network With More Users

A growing staff means a growing company; and that’s fantastic! Unfortunately, without a scalable network that can grow with you and accommodate all of this extra traffic, your company may begin facing severe challenges. Two of the key issues your company risks creating are:

  1. Your security solution can’t protect your data due to the fact that you have added that many more access points.
  2. IT infrastructure will be overwhelmed. If this sort of growth was not anticipated and properly planned for, network traffic will slow to a crawl – perhaps worse.

Additional Devices Trying to Connect to Your Network

Whether or not you’re experiencing growth in your staff, the possibility for a growth in the number and sophistication of devices that they bring to the office may be a challenge you face as your company continues to thrive.

There is no doubt that the world of IT is constantly advancing – if you haven’t had the opportunity to reevaluate your company’s network recently, it’s safe to say that it may not be able to handle the stress that comes along with a jump in the amount and intensity of devices trying to connect.

An Increase In “Things” That Rely On Bandwidth and Network Protocols

Many companies today are connecting their data-collecting devices, lighting and security controls, scanners, sensors, and much more to their networks. Regardless of how insignificant these little “things” may seem, an increasing amount of them being added to that list daily may cause an issue. Increased use of bandwidth and network protocols are among top concerns.

Extra Customer Traffic Adding Stress to Your Network

The best, most imperative, and most fragile growth is that of your sales. Communication is key, and with so many ways of communicating nowadays, your customers may overload your network.

More customers means more traffic trying to access your website at once, more people trying to call your company, more sales demos being watched, and more orders to place – the stress and traffic on your network will be heavy.

Being proactive when it comes to planning for your company’s future growth can ensure that an influx like we have read above can happen without the challenges associated.There are multiple scenarios where the growth of your company can challenge the integrity of your network.

At Integris, we plan strategically for your future. We can help you combat all of the issues you could encounter throughout your company’s growth by offering a wide array of innovative solutions, including:

  • Vulnerability and risk assessments to look for weaknesses in your system – any vulnerability is patched to ensure you are secure.
  • Email and spam protection are imperative to companies when so frequently they are exchanging sensitive data through this channel. Your data is most at risk when it’s in transit, it is very important to remember this.
  • Network and wireless security to keep viruses, malware, and malicious intruders from compromising your workflow.
  • VoIP phone system with innovative features designed to make your work easier, greatly reducing the cost of operating, and the features are easily scalable to meet your unique needs.

Integris is here to provide proactive strategies and solutions that will work to keep your company functioning at its highest level of efficiency – no matter how fast you start growing.

Don’t let success challenge the integrity of your network. Planning for your IT infrastructure to grow with your company doesn’t have to be difficult – and that is why we are here to help. Give our team at Integris a call at (888) 330-8808, or send us an email at [email protected] to speak with an IT professional dedicated to helping your business needs and goals.

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