Should Your Business Upgrade It’s Website To WordPress 5.0.2


January 4, 2019

Should You Upgrade Your WordPress Site To 5.0.2

Only a few short weeks ago, we wrote about the introduction of WordPress 5.0 in early December and discussed whether or not your company should upgrade now, never or at a later date. Our recommendation was to wait until some of the bugs had been worked out of the system and until your business has a slow time of year to ramp up to the new way of posting with this new update. It seems that we were on the right track since WordPress has just made WordPress 5.0.2 available to the public, a maintenance release that addresses 73 known bugs associated with WordPress 5.0.

What is WordPress 5.0.2?

WordPress 5.0.2 seeks to address some of the problems that users have been having with the new WordPress 5.0 release. Most of these issues are associated with the block editor feature. Unlike previous WordPress releases, 5.0 is a WYSIWYG editor and requires no HTML or coding knowledge. According to WordPress, the new maintenance release increases the posting speed by 330 percent (for a post with 200 blocks). It also includes 45 block editor improvements, fixes 17 known block editor bugs and addresses some internationalization issues. You can view a complete list of the problems discussed with 5.0.2 on the WordPress website.

Should we upgrade to WordPress 5.0.2?

Our original opinion on whether to upgrade to WordPress 5.0 now or wait still stands. We still feel it’s prudent to expect since many businesses are otherwise occupied with end-of-the-year tasks in December and January and a radical revamping like 5.0 is likely to have a few growing pains. Also, 5.0 uses Gutenburg, which is not compatible with many WordPress plug-ins. As with any upgrade, we also recommend backing up all of your WordPress files before you download WordPress 5.0.

However, if you have already upgraded to WordPress 5.0, it is a good idea to go ahead and download the 5.0.2 maintenance release. This is likely to make your WordPress experience less troublesome and less time-consuming. To upgrade to WordPress 5.0.2, download WordPress 5.0.2 or go to your WordPress dashboard, go to Updates and click Update Now. In fact, you may already have the new maintenance release. Websites that support automatic background updates have already started to update automatically.

To learn more about using WordPress, deciding whether WordPress 5.0.2 is the right choice for you and your company, and to learn ways to make your website more efficient for both you and your readers, contact or call us at (enter contact info). We can also help you with backing up your data before your upgrade.

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