SIEM Benefits: Benefits of Security Information & Event Management


There are several SIEM benefits businesses should be aware of to improve internal processes. Depending on your company’s needs, you can cater SIEM tools and technology to work through a wide range of capabilities. From checking specific compliances to managing mobile software, the beauty of SIEM is that it is one place for an incredible amount of information. Companies that regularly implement SIEM can stop cyberattacks with a higher success rate and remove the human error that often occurs with compiling large amounts of data. Below, we’ll define what SIEM is, how it works, what types of features SIEM can provide, and the benefits of SIEM across your company. 

SIEM Benefits: What is SIEM?

What is security information and event management? Security information and event management, otherwise known as SIEM, pulls data and information from all applications and devices into one platform. It allows you and your company to quickly analyze and assess potential cybersecurity threats and fix them, along with numerous other SIEM benefits. 

Security Information & Event Management Features

Compliance Reporting 

You can program SIEM solutions to report on specific compliances for many standards, such as PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPPA, and SOX. SIEM can identify how your users and devices do their work and if they follow best practices. If not, it alerts you to potential threats, saving you time and costly mistakes. 

Event Correlation and Analytics

SIEM solutions analyze data patterns and provide real-time insights to help you and your team respond quicker to potential cybersecurity threats. SIEM has reduced the mean time to detect (MTTD) and the mean time to respond (MTTR). These are two essential parts of successfully preventing and recovering from cybersecurity threats. 

Information Management

There is an infinite amount of knowledge and logs at your fingertips when it comes to cybersecurity. From passwords to cloud documents, there is so much to monitor and ensure aren’t at risk of being hacked. SIEM compiles all that data into one place, so you can quickly prove nothing is at stake.

What Types of Tools Does SIEM Use? 

As mentioned above, another SIEM benefit is that you can cater your SIEM database to use specific tools that are helpful for your business. These options include, but are not limited to:

  • Alerts: Just like your phone can alert you to an incoming text, SIEM solutions can alert you to anything and everything: new data, something connecting to your network, a potential security breach, and more. 
  • Analytics: The core strength of SIEM solutions, SIEM can use artificial intelligence to pull valuable cybersecurity data from all your devices and departments. 
  • Log-in Data: Have all your company’s passwords and login information pulled into one secure location. 
  • Network Information: SIEM can analyze your network and see what is connected. 
  • Register Threat Levels: Since SIEM is constantly monitoring the above information, it can provide a high-level overview of any potential cybersecurity threats as they happen.

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SIEM Benefits: Top Benefits of SIEM

Since SIEM works seamlessly across your company to provide real-time security data, the benefits of SIEM are numerous. On top of being able to quickly identify potential threats, SIEM also allows seamless mobile device management, interconnectivity across departments, and more. Below you’ll find a list of the benefits of SIEM:

AI Works Harder and Faster 

SIEM harnesses the powerful technology of AI-driven automation. The next generation of tools and techniques used with SIEM are typically more accurate and quicker than human teams. Relying on SIEM technology ensures greater accuracy and efficiency. It identifies issues and provides solutions faster. SIEM saves time and resources for your company and allows team members to focus on other aspects of your business. 

Company-Wide Compliance Checks 

Especially if you work for a business that requires strict compliance security, such as healthcare, SIEM’s ability to audit your entire company quickly and accurately is a lifesaver. SIEM programs quickly search all databases, equipment, and your entire infrastructure to ensure all cybersecurity best practices are followed, as well as identify potential holes where a security issue may arise. Doing that work yourself is a headache and can often lead to errors.

Unmatched Interconnectivity 

If you have a larger company, SIEM can keep all your branches connected. All it takes is a single report with one machine to quickly monitor and report on security across departments, unifying everything under one program. Previously, an entire team would have to work together to ensure all departments worked with the same security best practices. This outdated process allows disconnects to occur easily, which cybersecurity threats prey on. 

Monitor All Devices Quickly 

Companies with a large number of employees that use an even larger number of devices often struggle to monitor all of them. SIEM programs allow you to do just that, within one database. All mobile devices, as well as the ones within your office, can be tracked and monitored, ensuring cybersecurity best practices are used on every single device. If an issue does arise, you’ll be able to uncover it quickly and correct it even quicker. 

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Quick Response Time to Real Threats 

Thanks to the active monitoring that SIEM provides, your company will be able to identify any potential security threats quicker than if you were monitoring them yourself. The difference in time is critical. You’ll be able to prevent hacks and data breaches before any hackers steal information. 

Security Threat? Learn Why and How

We learn best when we can look at our past mistakes and understand precisely why they happened. SIEM can provide that information with their reporting systems. Suppose a security breach occurs within your organization. In that case, you can collect data from the moment it happened and see what led to hackers accessing your information. Identifying your mistake will ensure you won’t make it again, but only if you can uncover it. SIEM’s seamless reporting system makes it clear fast. Your company will benefit from this, but others will too, if you’re willing to share the data. 

Discover More SIEM Benefits

Curious about additional SIEM benefits for your business? If you are interested in applying SIEM solutions to your company, understanding the features and benefits is essential for the program’s success. Still, it can be the most significant barrier for those who really need to use it. Integris managed cybersecurity services can help. The IT experts within our organization can ensure you successfully install SIEM solutions, cater them to what your organization needs, and teach you how to use and understand the data SIEM pulls for you. Let’s create a more secure network. 

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