Skip the Bad News About Cyberthreats. This Is Worse.


March 23, 2017

Would you jump out of an airplane without knowing how to operate your parachute? We’re guessing the answer is, “Heck No!” Yet, that’s what company leaders do every day they operate without a comprehensive cyberattack mitigation and response system—including the expertise to minimize damage after an attack.

Researchers at the Ponemon Institute have discovered that while 86% of business leaders have data breach response plans in place, only 41% are actually prepared to respond to a serious breach—one involving confidential business information and intellectual property. Among these leaders, 71% say their response would not be effective enough to prevent the loss of customers’ and business partners’ trust and confidence.

Sophisticated intrusion detection systems, paired with well-designed networks and robust employee training and education, are the first line of defense in minimizing the odds of a breach. However, even when paired with a solid breach response plan, they aren’t enough to prevent breach disaster. Firms must also have access to field-tested, trained and certified breach response experts who can execute the plan and stop the damage, quickly.

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