Start Off the New Year on the Right Foot


January 12, 2016

Integris Can Show You How.

The start of a brand new year is an ideal time to review many aspects of business. Projections, reviews and further planning help to start the year productively, and it’s very important that this process includes Information Technology. Even if you have a fully functional and effective IT infrastructure in place, it’s crucial to review your current hardware to determine if an upgrade is necessary, or will be soon. Selecting the right technology directly affects the productivity of a given business, but a hardware refresh process isn’t always that simple. Tight budgets and an ever-evolving landscape of business technology make it difficult to know if you’re getting the right hardware, and at the right price. Fortunately, there is no need to worry; Integris is here to help.

Baltimore IT Support

Reach out to Integris to start 2016 with the right hardware for your business’ needs and goals. Our technology professionals are eager to help you meet and exceed goals with the right IT services for your needs. Contact us at or (888) 330-8808 to learn more.

Our team of IT professionals have strong expertise with hardware refresh initiatives. We manage the entire process to ensure that every consideration is taken into account. As your partner in IT, we will do the following for your business:

  • Determine Asset Value: The first step will be to assess your current hardware infrastructure. Identifying the state of each piece of hardware you’re currently using will help to plan what should be replaced and what should be updated.  If we believe you have everything in place that is needed, we will gladly inform you that you are one step ahead, that you don’t need to change a single thing. Integris will never try to “sell” you something you don’t need.
  • Consolidate Your Assets: The good news is that not all hardware is necessarily unusable at this point. If older hardware is not completely outdated, organizations can find great value in repurposing that hardware for noncritical workloads or environments where a single server fault wouldn’t wreak havoc on business operations. By consolidating this older, but still valuable hardware, Integris can help you get a greater return on your original investment in the technology.
  • Manage The Upgrade Process: After determining what technology is still useful and what needs to be replaced, Integris will facilitate an efficient and stress-free upgrade process. We will ensure that you’re equipped with the best hardware for your needs at a cost-effective price point. Once obtained, we will oversee the migration process so that no file is lost from one piece of hardware to the next.

Don’t start off the new year with old hardware that will put your business at risk. Get your hardware refresh assessment started today by contacting Integris at (888) 330-8808 or

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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