How to Keep Your Business Connected Through a Storm Power Outage


February 23, 2021

A business power outage can happen any time. Lately, weather extremes have proven that even “safe” geographies can be hit…hard. On top of natural disasters, you could lose power through  human error and even animal activity (we’re looking at you, squirrels). No matter how safe you think you are from a Mother Nature inspired business power disruption, your organization needs to have a business power outage plan to keep you up and running as smoothly as possible.

Let’s look at how businesses can prepare for a winter storm power outage, a hurricane power disruption, or any other business power outage source (including squirrels).

When a “Brief” Storm Power Outage Lasts for Hours…or Days

Thanks to rerouting technology, many power companies can keep power outages down to a few minutes, frequently lasting less than 15 minutes. If your power is off longer than 15 minutes, though, chances are it will be off for hours. Here’s how businesses can prepare for winter storm power outages by protecting equipment and choosing a temporary source of energy.

Those Flickering Lights Spell Trouble for Your Equipment

Power surges are only fun for superheroes. Power surges happen when there is a spike in the electrical current powering your business. These power surges will fry your delicate and expensive equipment, either as the electricity is flickering or when the power is restored to your business.

The best way to protect your equipment from power surges is to make sure it is plugged into surge protector power strips, and to turn off all equipment to prevent electrical overload. You can also check into whole-business surge protection from your electrical supplier.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

An uninterruptible power supply is a battery that stays plugged into an outlet so that it is fully charged when it’s needed. They provide immediate, if temporary, power for your computer, phones, and other devices your business can’t be without. The size of your uninterruptible power supply will depend on how many devices you are powering and how long you will need to use it.


There are several generator types to choose from, including portable generators for smaller locations or fixed generators for larger ones. If your business finds itself facing winter storm recovery frequently or is in an area prone to hurricanes or other storms, this may be a good solution for your organization. These are powered by propane, gasoline, oil, or natural gas.

Other Key Elements in Your Power Outage Plan

Your devices aren’t the only things you need to keep up and running…how about your employees?

Central Meeting Point

Prepare in advance of a power outage by planning a pre-determined meeting point for your employees if the power goes out while they are on-site. This meeting place could be powered by a generator or a few uninterruptible power supplies, allowing your essential employees to plug in and keep working.

Hot Spot Devices

Of course, if you lose power, you will probably lose your internet as well. It’s helpful if your employees have hotspots enabled on their mobile devices, or even better, if you have hotspots set up in your designated meeting area.

Review Your Power Outage Plan Before You’re Running Around in the Dark

The only effective business power outage plan is the one your employees know about in advance. Make sure flashlights are stored in central locations and are easy to find…and that your teams know where they are before they need them.

Winter Storm Recovery Steps are Just Like Any Other Disaster

You may be thinking in terms of winter storm recovery right now, but the reality is that a business power outage can happen in any weather. How can a power outage affect businesses that aren’t prepared? You can lose valuable data, and your business can spend days or even weeks trying to recover even their core functions. It’s time to ask yourself:

Is My Data Backed Up to an Off-Site Location?

If your business backups are stored exclusively on prem, there is a good chance that the power outage can corrupt your backup files as well.  If you haven’t considered cloud backup solutions before, there is no time like the present.

How Good is My Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan?

Your backup and recovery plans need to be tested often, and before they are needed. Outdated tech, improperly stored backup data, and even employees who aren’t aware of their responsibilities during a business power outage are all serious fails for an effective business continuity plan.

Integris Helps You Prepare for a Business Power Outage, Winter Storm Recovery, or Any Other Disaster

 Integris will help you navigate cloud backup solutions as well as your complete Business Continuity Plan. Reach out for your free, no obligation, ten-minute chat today and let us show you how to prepare for a business power outage from Mother Nature, human error, and yes…even squirrels.

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