Case Study – Microsoft Teams Voice

A staffing agency streamlines its phone system with Teams Voice and Integris.

Learn how Integris set up a modern phone solution with Teams Voice to create a better experience for the Staffing the Universe team.

The issue

A traditional phone system wasting time, energy, and money

Staffing the Universe is an organization that has grown into a modern family of companies offering global solutions in the world of staffing, business consulting, and payroll.

But their phone system? Not so modern. Their traditional phone system came with plenty of issues:

  • Many infrastructure requirements in the office
  • Fragmented use case by department and location
  • A haphazard mobile app that occasionally worked
  • Using personal cell phones to avoid the hassle
  • Different equipment per user
  • Costly purchase model
  • Multiple chat solutions

A tangle of old, dusty business phone systems in a box.
“We needed a solution that could be scalable, easily deployable, have a known cost model per business unit/headcount, and worked on any device, remote or in-person.”

– Jourdan Block, COO, Staffing The Universe

The Teams Voice setup, with web app, mobile app, and business phone

The solution

Microsoft Teams Voice to bring the team together

Our team determined that Teams Voice is a perfect system for Staffing’s situation. Teams is a true Unified Communication (UC) system, with its ties into the Office 365 suite allowing for simple administration and one system to manage.

Training and rollout strategy

Our team knows that user training is essential to making switches like this successful. We coordinated a rollout strategy that included training, which made users feel excited, engaged, and knowledgeable about Teams.

Removing points of failure

Dial tone is delivered over the internet and behind the scenes. Traditional phone systems require a box and physical lines in the office. We remove multiple points of failure, especially when dealing with an aging physical telephone infrastructure like Verizon.

Less hassle, just as secure

No special hardware or connectivity is required. Traditional on premise VOIP systems require a VPN for remote phones to work securely. Teams works over the internet and can be secured with MFA solutions just like Outlook or OneDrive.

The result

Integris & Teams Voice provides a dramatically improved experience

“The user experience has increased dramatically… users have a simple to use platform and everything is in a single application. The solution was met with a lot of excitement and because of the rollout strategy with training, there was very limited disruption in the transition… We gained a highly scalable solution that is more enjoyable to use.”

– Jourdan Block, COO, Staffing The Universe

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