Tech’s Future Is Female: A Look at Gender Issues in Computing


July 17, 2018

July 17 blog image

This is a man’s world—or is it? No disrespect to the Godfather of Soul, but things look a lot different today than they did in 1966, especially when it comes to the tech industry. Modern businesses are scrambling to implement hiring and training initiatives to make gender equality a top priority. And while women still hold fewer technical roles than men, there is a sense that the tide is beginning to shift.

Women are making their mark in tech companies across the country, as more and more assume leadership positions and pursue training in technical roles. Particularly, young women are starting to make a big difference on tech’s gender makeup, through coding camps and high school AP courses throughout the country.

Looking at the data, it’s clear that tech’s future is female. Check out the infographic to see how it all shakes out—and find out how you, too, can inspire change in the industry.



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