The Goldilocks Solution


June 29, 2015

Small to medium-sized businesses often find themselves (forgive the cliché) between a rock and a hard place.

With anywhere between 10 – 250 computers, SMBs have plenty of IT needs.  But you don’t much room in your budget to invest in the average $50,000 salary it takes to retain a full-time IT worker on staff, let alone the six figures you’d have to pay a CIO to help with long-term strategy…

You could save some money by temporally bringing in a freelance tech guy every time something needs an immediate fix, but then you don’t get the ongoing preventative maintenance required to really control costs and sustain growth.

Integris provides the Goldilocks solution. It’s something you can actually afford, and it’s also actually effective. Just right. What an in-house IT department can do for an arm and a leg (prevent unauthorized access, maintain and optimize equipment, virtualize servers, etc.), we can do remotely at a much more affordable fixed monthly rate.

But we’re not just a provider of services. Integris is dedicated to providing our clients with the easiest and most enjoyable IT experience possible.

Remarkable Client Service

At Integris, our culture is centered entirely on the concept that we like to call RCSRemarkable Client Service. Here’s how we keep our clients remarkably happy:

  • Proactive vs. reactive support: we provide quick and responsive whenever you have a problem that needs an immediate fix… but we would prefer that you don’t have those problems in the first place. We will regularly assess your systems and identify and fix weaknesses before equipment breaks down or cybercriminals find a way into your network.
  • Language you can understand: we’re not going to bother you with industry acronyms you don’t understand or lengthy explanations you don’t need to hear. We know how to break down what technology can do for our clients in terms C-level execs can understand and get excited about.
  • RCS hero recognition: Our employees are not “human resources”… they’re people, and we treat them as such. We recognize and reward the best members of our team on a weekly and monthly basis to promote a continued excellent level of service.

Accommodate Growth and Plan for the Future

Recently we’ve seen mobile devices and the cloud change the way our clients operate (for the better, of course).

What will be the next big thing in business technology?

We’ll let you know what the next cloud-like gamechanger is before you hear about it on NPR, before most people even know it exists. That’ll give you a significant competitive advantage over competitors that resist change and try to make best out of outdated infrastructure. A few years down the road those competitors are sure to regret not having invested in the tools that have helped you thrive, that is, if they’re even still in business and around to regret it…

Integris only succeeds when our clients succeed. We’re your partner, not a provider. Contact us at (888) 330-8808 or [email protected] for more information about our long-term planning and other IT services.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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