The Real Solution to Downtime and Costly IT Repairs


November 29, 2017

Recently, an area manufacturer came to us because it seemed like there was always something disrupting access to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which meant everyone from frontline production and logistics to accounting and administration was unable to get the job done. This manufacturer was repeatedly calling their IT provider to come and fix something. Since they were using hourly break-fix IT support, costs were high and unpredictable.
Unstable technology, cyber-attacks, natural disasters and even mistakes by employees can bring your operations to a halt. No matter the reason, this downtime disrupts operations and reduces your profit. Even if your systems are up 99.99% of the time, that’s still more than a full day’s work over the course of a year.
Technology should not dictate your productivity. Take control of the situation with a more proactive management of your IT systems. This means monitoring, maintenance and preventing problems before they occur. Not only will disruptions be eliminated but you’ll also be able to avoid unpleasant surprises to your budget. Managed IT services can resolve technology issues with fixed, cost-effective monthly fees.
Advantages of Managed IT Services Providers (MSP)
A managed IT provider like Integris takes responsibility for your IT systems with strategic network planning and system design. Using repeatable processes and the best tools, you typically keep your networks running for less than you pay for break-fix IT.
Initially, we assess your technology to identify the most vulnerable areas that need to be addressed. Maybe your servers have low disk space and are on the verge of failing, or your backup procedures are outdated and ineffective, which means you could lose important data if your systems crash. A redundant virtual server with failover capabilities would help eliminate your downtime. A properly configured data backup solution can run in the background with no adverse effect on daily network speeds, so your employees can be at their most efficient during work hours.
After ensuring you have a robust, high-performance network, a reputable Managed IT Services provider like Integris implements 24/7 remote monitoring and maintenance to prevent major issues. Cross-trained IT professionals who have expertise working with businesses in different industries can prevent, diagnose and solve technology issues proactively so you’re not saddled with downtime.
An MSP can afford enterprise-quality technology and tools that mitigate your risk through cutting-edge hardware and the best diagnostic software. Most small and mid-sized businesses don’t have the expertise or budget for these advanced tools which reduce downtime and risk of data loss. MSPs give you economies of scale, so you can afford the best technology for your business, often at a fraction of the cost.
Why an MSP is Best for Your Business

  • Information technology differentiates your business from competitors
  • Minimized costly downtime
  • Predictable IT expenses
  • Reduced risk to your critical data
  • Valuable employee time isn’t wasted on IT issues

The bottom line is, when your IT infrastructure is properly managed, costs are reduced, productivity is increased, and customers are better served.
How much are you spending to have your systems go down again and again? Contact Integris online or at 404-551-5492 for a real solution.

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