The Top 10 Ways ConnectWise Improves Cybersecurity for MSPs & Their Clients


October 20, 2021

MSPs that use ConnectWise improve cybersecurity for their clients in ten ways.

ConnectWise, the market leader in IT Management Software, empowers managed service providers (MSPs) to provide outsourced IT services to small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

ConnectWise also benefits larger organizations that have full-time IT personnel. The MSP will allocate ConnectWise Professional Services Automation (PSA), and other feature sets to in-house IT teams.

This collaborative arrangement allows the MSP and their counterparts on the client side to co-manage a larger IT system footprint together.

In both instances, comprehensive and holistic cyber protection, detection, and response solutions are native to the platform.

So what’s so great about ConnectWise?


#1 – Continuous Updates Improve Cybersecurity

The application keeps MSPs and their clients up-to-date with state-of-the-art tools and the latest, most effective protection solutions and best practices.

Every moving part is constantly refreshed and refined. Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving space and those who fall behind risk compromises from new threats. Some are so new they elude conventional detection radars.


#2 – Consolidation Improves Cybersecurity

ConnectWise unifies and integrates everything under a single platform making it easier to manage, control, and automate. This roll-up includes innovative security tools that detect zero-day vulnerabilities by harnessing AI to identify novel behavioral and system anomalies.

The solution also reduces fragmentation and a host of associated bad outcomes: waste, duplication of services, inefficiencies, stress, and a higher likelihood of errors that result in data breaches and other disruptions.


#3 – Dynamic Risk Assessments Improve Cybersecurity

Failing to identify existing risks or overreacting to non-existent ones (false positives) is a typical problem with IT systems, leading to cost overruns and distractions that leave entities vulnerable to attacks.

Continuous risk identification, remediation, and resiliency are standard. Each MSP and its clients start with a closely monitored baseline to match every need and risk profile.


#4 – Enhanced Visual Reporting Improves Cybersecurity

Every business executive loves a simple set of graphics to break down complex subject matter into more tangible and digestible tidbits. The human brain prefers to “keep it simple.”

ConnectWise provides a vast catalog of compelling visual exhibits to illuminate what’s happening through reports and rich data formats to aid and prioritize addressing immediate concerns and ones that can wait.


#5 – Improving Cybersecurity Increases Peace of Mind

ConnectWise helps to quickly discover new and rising threats thanks to a perpetually updated rules list with 24/7 indicators for recent compromises.

Your MSP is always the first to know and works behind the scenes securing all endpoints, constantly monitoring network traffic, and mitigating any incidents.


#6 – Security Layering Strengthens Cybersecurity

There is no silver bullet for cyber breaches. Experts recommend adopting a layered approach incorporating and engaging people, processes, and technology.

ConnectWise strengthens your security posture with the availability of additional tools provisioned through the platform. These include but are not limited to:

  • ConnectWise Fortify
  • ConnectWise Identify
  • ConnectWise SIEM
  • Perch
  • StratoZen
  • Endpoint Detection

Learn More: ConnectWise Security Management


#7 – Around the clock attention

When your MSP uses ConnectWise and receives around-the-clock support, their clients receive the same 24/7 coverage and hands-on assistance by default.

No more tickets piling up, and security alerts get instantly remediated before they escalate in severity.


#8 – Eliminate “Fools With Tools” syndrome

When you work with an MSP that leverages ConnectWise, they help you unscramble the mess created by having too many data sources and alerts that cause fatigue and confusion, and delayed incident response.

Furthermore, they “own” the application, pay for the upgrades and get ongoing training to manage everything on your behalf. This approach makes much more sense than subscribing directly to a PSA, managing it, and staying current with training requirements.

IT departments who try this can quickly get in over their heads with a lot of fantastic technology they have no idea how to manage, deploy, and customize.

Learn More: 4 MSP Tools In-House IT Loves


#9 – Compliance

ConnectWise casts a wide net across all of your IT endpoints to streamline regulation and compliance management.

The platform also integrates with hundreds of popular third-party applications and document management solutions, making it significantly easier to comply with an alphabet list of cybersecurity frameworks and demonstrate proof of due care if regulators ever come knocking


#10 – Cost-Containment

ConnectWise solutions are competitively priced for MSPs and, by extension, their clients. This allows clients to save money in two general ways:

  • The advancement of vibrant IT systems that maximize operating agility
  • The avoidance of costly incidents that cripple your business, creating legal liabilities and reputational damage


Next Steps?

If your MSP already has ConnectWise, that’s a step in the right direction. However, that’s not a guarantee of their commitment or ability to leverage all of their capabilities.

When I mention “Fools With Tools” in section #8, this catchphrase also applies to MSPs who don’t know what they’re doing. ConnectWise is not a set it and forget it application.

ConnectWise requires care, feeding, value-added consulting services, and custom integrations to shine at peak efficiency. Not every MSP is willing to assume this commitment or the financial obligation.

Some MSPs spend $5,000.00 per month to work with ConnectWise consultants! And the fine-tuning never stops! ConnectWise mastery is a journey.

How committed is your MSP to their ConnectWise practice? It never hurts to ask.

Jed is a Solution Advisor at Integris who has specialized in MSP solution development, sales, and marketing communications since 2003.

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