Three Great iPhone Tips & Tricks To Help Any Business Professional.


iphone TipsWe consistently advise our clients to particularly treat time as a golden resource that they can control effectively to realize tremendous growth. Even better, technology is making things much easier and now thanks to the growth of the mobile space, devices such as the iPhone are full of exciting features that small business owners can utilize to save time, do more and accelerate growth. 

The iPhone has the potential to do much more for your business than you could ever have imagined.  Let us examine some of the awesome items that you can achieve with your iPhone: 

Undo by shaking

We make mistakes all the time as we go about using our phones to either type or even edit images. When it happens, undoing the act can be a time-consuming task especially when you have no clue of how to go about it. The iPhone makes this extremely easy. You just need to shake the phone slightly and a message will pop up confirming if you intend to undo. Say yes and continue! This will save a few minutes of your time that you really need to do important things.

Switch to airplane mode to recharge the battery faster

Waiting for the battery to recharge before you can use your iPhone can consume valuable time on a busy working day. You can reduce the recharging time by switching to airplane mode. What this does is that it blocks wireless and cellular access thus allowing the battery to recharge at double the normal speed. 

Ask Siri to read your emails loud and clear

Any business owner will normally read several emails per day. What if you were able to just sit and have someone read these emails for you loudly as you do something else like, say, driving to a meeting? Well, the only challenge here would be that you may need to pay the person to do the reading. Siri, a wonderful feature in the iPhone, will do all the reading at no extra cost to your business. Simply speak these words to your iPhone, “Read my emails”. Siri will immediately locate the emails in your inbox and read them all to you one by one. The good thing is that you can direct Siri on what emails you want read at the moment, such as the most recent or emails from a specific person.

Interested in learning more?  These three tips are just the tip of the iceberg – we actually have 18 more.  Contact us today to learn more technology tips and tricks to allow you to run an efficient small business.  Call your IT team at Integris today.  We can be reached at (888) 330-8808 or



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