The X Games And ROT Rally: Two Reasons Austin Businesses Should Consider Cloud Computing


June 16, 2015


Between the X Games, ROT Bikers Rally and fear of another flood, Austin businesses faced their fair share of distractions this June. Distractions which could be minimized by cloud computing.

Austinites are no strangers to the issues created by large-scale events. Around 130,000 people came to Austin for the X games earlier this month. And around 200,000 motorcycle enthusiasts came to Austin for the ROT Rally last weekend.

Don’t get me wrong, these events are fantastic for Austin in many ways. Most practically, they bring interest and money to our city. ROT Rally brings about $40M to the city. Furthermore, these events are a blast and align so strongly with our culture.

Although some of our clients benefit, most of our professional services clients find the events highly disruptive. Traffic becomes — can you believe it — worse than it already is. And employees who work downtown might as well call in sick Thursday and Friday.

To ease the burden of disruptions, there is no better time for business owners to at least consider cloud computing.

The Cloud Saves Money Lost In Disruptions

As far as disruptions to business continuity go the events mentioned previously are not very serious. Nonetheless they cost businesses money.

If a 15 person business with employees averaging $20 per hour experiences just a half day of disruption from these events, the result is $1,200 in wages associated with non-productivity. The costs of wages does not even include missed opportunities, billable work and the effects of poor customer service. Learn more about the cost of business distractions.

Transitioning During A Disruption Is Seamless With Cloud Computing

Cloud server platforms allow employees to access everything they need to work anywhere – from any device. Users simply visit a website and login to access all files and use software (apps). Employees will discover they can work at various locations or devices, because the experience is the same as working at their office computer.

Obviously, there are numerous other things to consider when determining if cloud computing is best for your business, but a week like this certainly is enough motive to start researching.

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