Tier One Technology Partners Builds On a Ten-Year Relationship With a Howard County, Maryland Non-Profit Organization


April 29, 2013

The Arc of Howard County is like many non-profit organizations in the Baltimore –DC Metro area.  They have a mission to accomplish — to provide a full community life for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. “One person at a time” is the motto of The Arc. Dealing with day-to-day information technology (IT) issues distracts them from their mission; that’s why they depend on Integris to handle all of their IT issues. Integris is Baltimore-Washington’s top IT consulting firm.

Susan Askew, Associate Executive Director of Administration doesn’t have time to deal with IT problems. That’s why The Arc has used Integris for over ten years. Ms. Askew admits, “We’re not technology people, but we need technology to fulfill our organization’s purpose and objectives.”  Integris provides recommendations to The Arc to improve the operation of all their technology systems.

The Importance of Robust IT Solutions

Non-profits must invest in IT to achieve their goals and to compete for funding. The right IT solution will enhance efficiencies in delivery of their services. When an organization invests in the right IT solutions, employees and volunteers can focus on providing services to those who depend on the services they provide, rather than IT problems.

Just like The Arc of Howard County, non-profit organizations across the Baltimore – Washington DC area depend on robust IT solutions to run their operations. Charitable contributors insist that their contributions are used wisely.  That’s why these non-profits should rely on a team of experts like Integris to help them maximize their IT investments.

The Value of Microsoft Virtualization Technologies

Technology enhances an organization’s ability to provide services to their clients. The Arc of Howard County is no different and when their old IT system caused performance challenges and impeded their delivery of services, they consulted with Integris to find a solution.

Building on the best solutions available, Integris recommended the Microsoft Windows 2008 server platform for the cornerstone of The Arc’s computer network. They deployed Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft’s Virtualization Technologies, and Hyper-V throughout the organization. Virtualization Technologies allowed The Arc to run a number of servers with a minimal investment in hardware.  Today, The Arc runs file and print services, accounting applications, and remote access on the Windows 2008 Server Platform.

Securing Information Is A Must

Security is a main focus for any sized organization. Security threats exist for the largest to the smallest of organizations. Everyone must take security seriously. New privacy and compliance regulations are also forcing organizations to invest in security solutions to remain compliant.

Integris provided The Arc with a robust and highly secure firewall solution, combined with the top antivirus and spyware protection systems to keep all their information totally secure. They also provided a robust Wi-Fi solution to allow for secured wireless networking from The Arc’s main office location.

Increasing Efficiencies For All Team Members

The Arc of Howard County is spread throughout the entire county with over 50 employees and volunteers relying on remote access to resources in the organization’s main office. Integris recommended a robust virtual server environment for all their users. A secure VPN solution was deployed using Microsoft Terminal Services. This solution keeps all their information secure and compliant with privacy regulations.

The Best IT Services Available 

The Arc of Howard County has come to rely on Integris for all their IT services. For the first nine years of their business relationship, Integris simply supported their internal IT resources. However after the departure of this resource, Integris recommended their fully outsourced Managed IT Services Program to replace the need for a full-time resource.

Integris provides The Arc fully outsourced Help-Desk services as well. Employees and volunteers throughout the organization rely on the team of help-desk professionals every day.  They’ve found that this is a much better solution than relying on one single internal IT person for support. This allows all members of the team to get the help they need quickly and allows them to focus on their tasks without the headaches of technology.

“Integris just takes over and takes care of all of our IT needs.  We’re not technical people, we trust Integris to simply take care of everything we need.  They never disappoint.” says Ms. Askew.

For more information about Integris Technology Partner’s services, call us at (800) 431-2282 and visit us on the Web at: https://integrisit.com//

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