Top Five Tech Issues


December 12, 2013


Based on a survey of MyITpros employees, here are the top five technology issues that users most frequently face:

1. Email Issues

Connectivity problems to email applications – whether on the computer, tablet or smartphone – happen frequently. Issues with spam, lost emails and storage capacity are rampant too.

2. Printer Errors

Mechanical issues such as paper jams or low toner or ink could be to blame for documents not printing. However software issues, such as an incorrect or incompatible print driver or misconfiguration, can lead to printing to the wrong printer or garbled printing.

3. Viruses

Virus, malware and ransomware removal are more common as users download programs that appear legitimate but aren’t, or click questionable links.

4. Connectivity

Slowness can happen when your Internet service provider is not allotting full bandwidth for your connection, or too many people are utilizing network resources simultaneously.

5. Access Difficulty

Access issues include an inability to install or uninstall programs, delete desktop items, share files or log in. This most often occurs due to improper permissions, a forgotten password or an account lockout.

Other, less frequent technology issues include: Exchange setup (both on computer and phone), mapping of network resources, adding or deleting users from Active Directory or Exchange, software installation, hardware upgrades, and improving the functionality of Web browsers and applications. These require knowledge of programs, applications, hardware and configuration settings to ensure proper functionality, and it’s something MyITpros is great at handling.

It’s usually not a question of if, but when, one of these issues will arise, but take heart in the knowledge that many others have dealt with similar problems in the past and that MyITpros is here ready to fix them.

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